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  1. Seen on espomagaizine that ARHA was having a trail at Lebanon B.C. Was wondering were this is located? If close I would like to see them run. Never been to a ARHA trail.
  2. i am guessing it is the one in Lebanon KY...right off I-75...but i am not sure!!!

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    i just saw on the espo board that it is in lebanon PA just north of harrisburg pa. i have never seen an ARHA trial either but the man who posted it described it to be exactly like AKC gundog brace and invited all gundog brace trialers to attend. i'm only 2hrs 30mins from there but i've never heard of that...but could take a trip and find out. would like to know more about the ARHA rules and the ins and outs of that federation
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    FB Administrator Staff Member has some information on the different formats, rules, etc.

    You just have to find the format where your dog "fits".
  5. guys ...i have only been to two ARHA trials...i placed my dog 6th in the first i know very little...but i can say the little pack need a fast dog...than can pick up..and blow out of there with the checks!!!!....need to be in the front or close to it...because you can pile up some points when they get the checks!!!...JMO
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    The one y'all are looking at is Gundog Brace. Too much speed will get you in trouble in that format. It's more about being close and clean.

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  7. I wish it was Lebanon Ky. Pa too far for me. I live in Taylorsville Ky.
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    ARHA Gundog Pack is close to SPO but the hounds must be clean, speed is not a factor. If they come through 4 and 5 wide they will be picked up. Gundog Brace is ran with the same hounds but they really need to be clean, again speed is not a factor, they must run as fast as conditions allow. There are not as many breakdowns in gundog as some other formats. They are also much faster than traditional brace. Many of the same bloodline hounds run in ARHA Gundog as do SPO, Black Creek, Shorts, Deacon, Blue Creek Bear. If you want to see some video of Gundog Pack Trials look at the link below, hit see all and more video will come up. Look at the October 2009 video.
    Hope this helps,
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    Youre right about speed not being a factor as far as the rules go but I cant imagine there being very many dogs that can run much past upper medium and still make the turns close enough to not over run and get cut from behind, especially in a brace.
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    I agree 100% I just put that in because folks seem to think ARHA Gundog Brace is walky talky dogs, but they are not. I like pack better but Brace takes a dang nice hound to do well. Cant hide any faults in a brace. On the other hand not all hounds can take the pressure of a pack either (which is a fault). So I just try to get foks interested in the division and let them know that as long as your hound is clean he can run in Gundog no matter the speed.
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    I agree. There is definitely a misconception about them being extremely slow. Alot people hear the word brace and automatically think traditional brace and theyre definitely not that.
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    I wish there was a gundog pack club closer to tennessee. I would like to try it out.
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    I dont know what part of Tennessee youre in but we have a club near Morrilton, Arkansas which is about 50 miles or so west of Little Rock.

    I think alot of the SPO guys would like this format if theyd give it a try.