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  1. I have never one single time been to a field trial, and my dogs aren't registered, so I was wondering if there were any of these hunts scheduled in the NE arkansas area this summer, I'd like to check it out, but I don't wanna drive across the country to see if I like it. Thanks.
  2. The ARHA runs Small Pack, Large Pack and Progressive Pace formats. Any dog that runs in an ARHA sanctioned event needs to be NKC registered. That is pretty easy you can register NKC if you are registered AKC with a simple paper. If your dogs are not registered at all you can go to the NKC website and you have to take pictures of your dogs and send them in. If the NKC is satisfied with your hound you will be able to register it NKC. My uncle ran Progressive Pack for years and I was able to go with him to trials and learn how they were judged compared to Akc it is an all around great time.You can check the ARHA website for upcoming events and see if there are any near you. Good Luck !!

  3. Heres another question, if I register my dogs with nkc, would I then be able to breed to an AKC dog and register the puppies with them? Or would they be nkc as well, and what the heck is the difference? Sorry, very green at all this.
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    No, you can only register pups if both parents are AKC. AKC will not register any dog that does not have AKC papers on both parents. NKC and UKC you can register after a breed inspector looks at them or the NKC is satisfied with the pics you send in, or they are AKC registered.
    The difference is the AKC has been around since the late 1800's and most all AKC reg. dogs can be traced back that far to make sure they are PURE Breed dogs. UKC has been around for only a few years less than AKC and NKC has been around since the 1960s.
    If it is not AKC there is no way to prove it is pure breed.
    Now with that said, that does not mean that somewhere along the lines some dishonest people didnt do dishonest things.

    OK, to run in AKC field trials, they need to be AKC reg. To run in UKC they need to be UKC reg. and to Run in ARHA/NKC they need to be ARHA/NKC reg.

    My own personal choice I like the ARHA/NKC trials, but I would not own a hound that was not AKC Registered. I like to know what traits I may get in my pups, and just breeding best to the best dont cut it. Sometimes it may take 3 or more generations to get the traits you want, so its best to know what the liniage is of a hound.

    OK lets hear it, I opend the can of worms:wink:
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    no can of worms mine are all akc and nkc reg. 2 arha hunts in gosnell this month
  6. Mine are all AKC Registered... have the NKC papers here on the table... but torn as to if I will be running in any more trials. I believe I will go and learn to judge them... but honestly seems to be too stressful on my hounds to have to continue to be leashed and moved... and only get to work for an hour.

    I had fun meeting other beaglers, seeing the hounds and hearing them run... but my dogs run fine for me and I do not need to put them thru that, have to think that thru.

    I will probably register them "JUST IN CASE". The paperwork asks for the sire and dam info... so that would emply that there is no leneage to be verified, just the assumption taht I am being honest. My docs were signed by one of the judges thereat the trail... stating that he "Inspected" the hounds and verify them to be beagles. so I can see the HUGE difference in the AKC vs. NKC.
  7. I got a little pack of grade dogs that will run more rabbits than any AKC hound you can find me... Na, just poking fun. I would love to have some registered dogs, I just wonder how long can you wait and register a dog with AKC.
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    If the pup has akc parents and the litter is registered you have a while. I think it is almost a year. They will be on what is called puppy papers until you register them.
  9. there is a couple of clubs in that area woodson and gosnell i do believe have nkc hunts. they may be close to you.
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    woodson and gosnell run pp we would have ya come down and check us out

  11. tim do you think little pack hounds can also run progressive pack trials?
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    Go to to get a listing of all the upcoming trials and their location. You can register your dog and enter it in the trial at the same time. Breed inspector will verify that it is a pure bred beagle. Just get there a little early so you will have time to fill out the paper work. You should give it a try, my son and I just started this year and we love it.
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    Most of the time LP dogs don't do so well in PP trials. They judge on speed and drive as I understand. To tell you the truth I don't know much about LP, but from what I hear if a Judge has a clue he will have most LP hounds picked up pretty quick. From time to time you will get a judge that won't give a minus and a LP hound will win.