ARHA Gundog Trials in Kansas

Discussion in 'NKC' started by Spini Boys, Feb 15, 2010.

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    The Eastern Kansas Beagle Club is having the following trials in 2010:
    Feb. 20 - Gundog Pack
    April 10 - Gundog Brace
    Oct. 23 and 24 - Gundog Brace State Hunt and NW Regional Hunt.

    Would love to have all of you attend. You can run the same hounds in Brace that you do in pack. If you really want to see how clean a hound really is, put him in a Brace trial. Again, I run the same hounds in both, my hard hitting Jim runs in Brace also. I admit I like Pack, but Brace aint bad either. You will see the same crowd and Hounds at both.

    For more info on our club and dates check out our web page: