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Are your dogs registered or grade?

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Ive only got 4, 3 grade and 1 AKC.
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We have 10 beagles, and 13 dachsahunds all AKC
Ive got 12-14 dogs and all of em are AKC and some are also NKC reg.

I just started with AKC dogs about 3 years ago. Before then all I ever had were grade dogs.
8 all AKC/NKC registered waiting on the papers for one pup
AKC registered

All seven of my Beagles are AKC registered. My wife has a little house mutt, breed, "Heinz 57" I think any registery would get confused if they tried to register him. Got to love him also also, although he is a pain.

Before I got involved in the Beagle clubs way back in the late 70's our dogs were from registered stock but papers in box and usually never transfered and litters were not registered unless the new owner requested papers and were willing to pay extra since money was extremely tight back then. My Grandfather usually wouldn't go through the trouble with papers since not many of his dogs got out our family or close friends. Not many hunters were interested in papers and titles and big name dogs were of no interest. When I first joined a beagle club I had a registered male and female, male was almost all Traditional Brace bred, Pearson Creek, and the Female, Pearson Creek and Yellow Creek. These dogs looked a lot like the modern day Blackcreeks. They were medium speed, could still run the rabbit even though they were heavy Brace bred.

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