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Anybody want to go to Kansas?

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This is 30 rabbits that some neighbors of Crofford's shot in Kansas the other day. They didnt even have dogs. Just walked em up while pheasant hunting. Some of em are jackrabbits but there are alot of cottontails out there too.

Ive always wanted to go out there and give it a try and Ive got a week of vacation that I have to use by Feb. anyway.

Ive got a crew cab pickup and a dog trailer with runs that will hold a whole bunch of dogs. If we have to we can take two trucks.

Im thinking about a 3 or 4 day trip. Leave Arkansas around midnight or whatever, drive straight through, hunt 3 days then come home.

It would be really good for some young dogs. You could show em more rabbit tracks in those 3 days than theyd see in a year up here.

Anybody wanna go?

Anybody been and have any information or tips theyd share?
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When you set the dates let me know--I would love to but I have to see if I can work around work schedule---would part of the days be weekend?
The dates are pretty open right now as long as its after Christmas sometime, preferably in January.
I talked to a guy on AH that goes near Turpin, Ok every year and hunts pheasants. He said rabbits were everywhere so I called the guy.

He said that we could go out there and stay in his lodge/bunkhouse with a kitchen, pots and pans, beds, etc. and also hunt, for $65 per night. Heck, a motel would cost you that much.

And if you want to hunt pheasants you can, youd just pay a little extra.
There's a field trial just outside Springfield, Mo. on January 9 that Id sure like to work into the trip somehow. Either leave Friday night or early, early Saturday morning and go to the trial, then leave it and head out there or set it up so that I can stop by there on the way in.

Right now its just me and my son that are for sure going so between the trailer and my dog box, we'll have plenty of room for dogs as long as they get along.
Man i would love to go with ya! but i doubt i will have recovered from christmas by then!
Has any one else said they wanted to go to Kansas and have you decided on what day we're leaving
We still havent set a firm date yet. Im trying to figure out how to make that trial in Springfield part of the trip.
Hi i am beagle77,and i live in kansas,outside JUNCTION CITY,and FT RILEY KS,the ks hunting is real good this year,bunny,and birds,everywhere,we have plenty to share,me myself i am a beagler,i run black creek,and brank0,we have lots of prime public hunting lands,if you log on KDWP on your computer it will show it all,also adjacient to the hunting,there is also full equipped cabins for weekend rent in the state park,LAKE MILFORD real close to the hunting area,not to mention ft riley,which have thousands of acers,all that can be hunted for rabbits,not many beagler around here,well i hope that helped,god bless.
Welcome to the site and yes, you helped alot.
welcome to the site lol to cold up there right now
Thats alot of good info there. Sounds like a great trip and i wish you good luck with it. With a rabbit population like that wouldnt ya think there would be more hound guys? I wish we had rabbits like that here where i live id be in heaven!!
What speed are those blackcreek and branko hounds you have? Would like to take my dad and son on a Kansas hunt next year. I will have to start saving up my pennies now.
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