Anybody go hunting this weekend

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by Crossroads, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. I went with [email protected] Crofford we ran some rabbits had fun and I'm glad I meet them looking forward to going again

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    NE AR
    Went today we couldn't seem to find one where we were must have been too wet :down: thats the way it is sometimes

  3. FB

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    I went again yesterday and could only jump one rabbit in a place we did pretty good at last year. I saw plenty of hawks though...

    So far this has been a pretty bad season for me as far as shootin' rabbits.

    We did really good last year but some of those places just arent holding many rabbits for some reason.
  4. Crofford

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    I went this morning and didn't do any good at all.I never fired a shot,but the dogs did catch one.It just seemed like they couldn't smell them very good.They would get on one then loose it then get it up again and loose it.I don't know what the problem was just one of those mornings I guess.I went back out this evening just to run and had two really good races.They got on them and stayed with them.I don't know what changed between this morning and this evening but they sure did run al lot better.:headscratch:
  5. Went ta wma & got 2 swampers & 1 cotton tail :thumb: