Anybody from PA?

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  1. Hello everyone, I just found out about this site. I love beagling and rabbit hunting very much so I am looking forward to everyone's thaughts and comments. I have enjoyed reading every ones posts and ideas so far. I am from PA and a member of the Harrisburg Beagle Club. I run field trials with the PBGA and was wondering if anyone else was from the area??
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    Hi Tomsyellowbreeches. Im not from pa.but a neighbor to the north in New York. This is a real nice site as theres a good mix of trialers and rabbit hunters it seems. Only been a member for a short time but i like it here:D Tom what is the pbga?

  3. Just a quick shout out to our Yankee Brethren! Glad to have ya'll round here.:D
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    welcome aboard tom it's about time i see ya on here. if ya don't know i'm from harrisburg beagle club also.:clap:
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    I just joined tonight, I like this site.I'm the president at Carlisle Beagle Club and The past vice president of the PBGA.All my hounds are Blackcreek bred.I was lucky enuff to bring some up here after watching some of my buddies blackcreek hounds run down in MD.I'm hooked on the blood I was able to get FC Lees LA Putt Putt from Leroy Roussel and that was the best thing to ever happen in my kennel. He has produced some fine hounds up north here.2 have finished so far,with more to come.I also got a female that went on to finish from Danny wainright and Norris Daniels she is out of Backroads Buddy. I also got some hounds from Wayne Martin.I really liked the one male called Big Head till I measured him he went big I like em small.He was out of Cotton Counrty Rock. I love those Blackcreeks
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    I'm from Cambria County and Vice President of Conemaugh Valley Beagle Club of the PBGA. Lots of PA guys on the beagle boards
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    Wecome guys to the site
    God Bless
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    it's about time we get some support from the pa guys on here. welcome aboard! i belong to the harrisburg beagle club. there are some great guys on this site you'll enjoy it.:welcome:
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    south western pa here
    just joined this site as well
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    I'm from central PA. Just joined this morning. I don't belong to any club, but have been running dogs for 30+ years.
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    welcome aboard:welcome:
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    Also from SW PA, just joined today.
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    North of Punxsutawney here. I love this site :thumb:.
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    Im from N.C. but do the most of my trialing in Pa. The guys in central Pa. run a little faster dog than they do down here. Plus the people are very nice and makes everyone feel at home.
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    Jess Hadfield

    Hi Jess Hadfield here from Coal Township, PA my grandfather had raised beagles for decades here, He passed away about nine years ago. I was blessed when my wife bought me a beagle puppy for fathers day from Clyde Martin in Pine Grove. She broke and circled her first rabbit at 3 and 1/2 months old and has been getting better every week since then. I notice she has a very good nose and is starting to really get under the briars etc while chaseing.:up:
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    Welcome to the site.
  17. tradarcher

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    Just wondering if anyone knew what bloodline were the FC Del-Hart beagles out of owned by Robert Hartman. Also the FC Walk-a-Line's breed?
  18. ChrisHornick

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    DelHart are traditional brace style dogs. Robert Hartman has had this line for many years. Eastern PA I believe
  19. tradarcher

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    Thank you so much for the reply, I am guessing when you say traditional brace it means she will stay this slow. I was hoping she would be a bit faster but well make do.