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Ive got a couple of dogs that have what Im pretty sure is a fungus on their ears and just a little bit on their forehead.

Ive tried Nustock on it and it didnt clear it up then I put a 3 way ointment from Sulfodene on it and its still there.

Any suggestions on something else to try?
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I have had good luck with nu-stock, rub it in real good on those hard spots, I apply it every other day, they ususlly come off in about a week. Some people use athelets foot treatment
Nustock usually works wonders but its not clearing this stuff up.

I bought some antifungal spray for horses today and am gonna try it and see what happens.
FB try Povidone Iodine shampoo works on it when all other wont, I had some same problem from runnen in grounds where water was over it ,all that mud & dust on weeds from being under water, ya can get it at farmers coop. just rub it on bad spots & leave it on em dont rise
Thanks, Ill give it a try.

I had sold this dog and he was gone for about a month and a half and I ended up getting him back and he had this stuff on him.

It looks like little spots of hair loss that are between his eyes and on his nose, plus his ears look like kinda "flaky" on the edges. I had a dog with something similar a couple of years ago and the vet said it was some kind of fungus that dogs sometimes get. He said there were several ways that they could get it but that one of them was from sleeping on wet hay or straw. Thats what Im guessing this is but for all I know its something completely different. Ill try the shampoo if I can find it. If I cant clear it up pretty soon I guess Ill take him to the vet and let him try to figure it out.

Thanks again for the replies.
I sort of took your advice Rob. I didnt get the Povidine but my son had some antifungal shampoo for horses that he had bought for his boxer and I put it on my dogs ears and nose and left it there. Didnt rinse it off or anything. After about 3 days it started looking better and its been about a week now and its almost gone and the hair is growing back.

Thanks for the tip. It might not work in every case but it sure did this time. :thumb:
glad it worked FB the shampoo i posted is fer horse also :thumb:
FB try CAPTAN ROSE fungus powder it should work. It is about the only thing I have found to cure range rot on horses which is a fungus. It is actually a fungus applicant for rose bushes. You can find it at feed stores or CO-OPs and home and garden outlets like at Walmart. I have used it on my dogs and it helped kill the fungus. My Vet recommended for horses a long time ago.

Thanks for the tip.

Ill keep it in mind for next time.
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