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The banjo has always been my favorite instrument even though I can't play any. I noticed that the picture on the screen was Ronda Vincent and Travis Tritt. Travis is a great banjo picker. There used to be a place on my computer where you could watch various shows - Earl Scruggs, Ricky Skaggs, Travis Tritt and others perform. You could just pull it up and watch. Great shows like the time country went to Carnegie Hall. Vince Gill hosted it and had all the great country singers and musicians with him. All of those sites that were free now charge. Now understand that I am not a computer whiz, some will say you can listen to free music but I can never get them to come up. One of the shows featured Ray Price, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson. What a show. My father-in-law, my son and I went to the Ryman Auditorium to see them live, shortly before Ray died. It is sad to say that most of the older great country stars have passed on. Today's country music is crap in my opinion. At that time they had a six week special at the Ryman, all bluegrass, and a different bunch of entertainers each week. I got to see so many great performances. We went every year for several years until my father-in-law passed. After that we just quit because it just didn't seem right.

And by the way Spini, you do a great job on the banjo. I for one would love to hear you perform any time you want to. If you come to the 2021 hunt please bring your banjo. I know nfor sure you will have an audience of one.
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