And Another Beagle Trivia Question

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  1. salzer mtn

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    What was the name of the beagle that ran a med speed that produced alot of offspring that were faster than he was yet both of his parents were brace beagles. His name is used today as a bloodline.
  2. Echo Hill's

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    I would like to use a life line.

    Are most of his offspring Lemon and White?

  3. Bglenut

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    Pearson Creek Carson
  4. Bglenut

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    Del Ray Stubby
  5. salzer mtn

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    No to all three answers.
  6. salzer mtn

    salzer mtn Active Member

    Could it be that the great trivia king echo Hills is down for the count ?
  7. Snag

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    Hanks Jo Jo Blue
  8. Snag

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    Luci Van Littleman
  9. salzer mtn

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    Hanks Jo Jo Blue is correct. He was out of FC. Hamrick's Jo Jo and Lake Side Maggie. Maggie's sire was FC. Yellow Pine Lucimbo out of FC. Wind Creek Limbo and Maggie's mother was linebred Peason Creek Carson. Hamrick's Jo Jo was out of FC. Pearson Creek Carson. I did a back ground check one time of his ancestors colors and how that Hanks Jo Jo blue came to be bluetick. I still can't figure it out. Also his bluetick color was dominant in his breeding of females. His owner Jim Cordell lived about 30 miles from me.
  10. rosco

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    Hanks Jo Jo Blue.
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    good triva question
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    In Feb of 1972 Carson stud fee was $250.00. Most other stud dogs was $40.00 and $50.00 .Carson finished in 6 trails 4 first and 1 second at 14 months old.He was a brother and sister cross. Carson produced over 81 field champs.He was born Feb. 20,1965.After Carson the brace people started where they are now.