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  1. Today I cast Hunter, Twister, Trixie and Ripley. Leaving Chase at home as he ran in State trial yesterday and tore front dew claw off. (He did real well for his first trial).

    Twister and Hunter have always run with Chase in the cast... and they all seem to pack well. This morning it appeared as though Twister was not concerned wiyh keeping pace with Hunter. On a couple occasions, Hunter was as much as 30 yards ahead of Twister.

    Ripley stayed with them... at one point I assume she saw the bunny cause she went thriu the hollar screaming like a banchi. where the rest of the morning she only tongued occasionaly... when the scent was hotter I guess.

    Trixie was a dissapointment... sorta... this being only her second outing I am not going to chastize her too much. But Rilpey has raised the bar... so the pressure is on the other two pups.

    So I am wondering... thinking... that Chase being the alpha of the pack... is he bringing the most out of the rest... and in his absence Twister does not feel the need to perform as he does with him?

    At one point I caught all but Hunter... let hunter colplete his search in check... he found the line again and took the bunny almost out of ear shot and brought him back to me... and in very short order. I released the other three to join him... then Twister pressed for the lead... so perhaps the "keep up or to the box with ya" thouhgt hit home with him.

    All in all was a good morning... but a lot of questions came from it. I am going to have to find a starting pen for Trixie... I know she has it in her... but my pack is far too fast for her to learn on.
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    Give her some solo time.

    I also like to run/train in a Brace (2 hounds). It seems to let each one get a little of the race and more scent.

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    Amazing the difference a dog makes when they are use to running together.

    We run two packs. With each a couple of times a week I pick one dog to start last.
    I let thepack work awhile to see what I need to see the let that dog loose.

    You have probably been running dogs alot longer than we have but I learn a lot every time I do this trick.