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  1. Cotton Land will be haveing a licned trial Nov. 28 in La.. Folks think ya got ta have a real slow dog to run in these trials But there wrong. You can run what ever ya bring any speed its up ta ya. I have finished 4 Master Hunters in AKC TCP Trials now. If interested give me call 501-554-3107
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    whats TCP stand for ?

  3. Two Couple Pack , its where you run your 4 dogs being judged by 2 akc judges. They judge the pack work as well as time clock. Who ever gets best time out of 15 min. & has the best compatable pack wins . They demerite ya for hooken,geten out to side & mouthen out of place. You got to have 4 nice clean hounds that all are capable of runnen the front & each hound has to contribute. And speed is your option. I have finished 4 AKC Master Hunter { TCP FC}. & have 2 more that needs 1 more win finishing.
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    thanks rob.
    i dont have a pack yet.
    and my older male might not be able to run with the new dogs.
    when they get to running good.