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I saw they was Added to the AKC Rule Book - just thought they had a set of printed rules just for the TCP Trials

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All of the Procedures governing Beagle filed trials, Brace, Small Pack, and Small Pack Option shall, to the extent that they are applicable and not in conflict with the following Procedures, also govern Beagle Hunting Test for Two Couple Pack.
1. The running order of the packs in first series shall be determined by random draw. The judges may announce the four placements of the packs anytime after the completion of the first series. Should the judges call for a second series, all packs called back shall be considered as having an equal opportunity to place.
2. The Field Trial Committee shall have the option of splitting the test class into two (2) divisions (A and B) provided there are 16 or more packs entered. If the test class is split, the Judges and running grounds for each division shall be assigned by the Hunting Test Committee and announced before the entr y is closed and the drawing is started. The entire class shall be drawn as one, the first half in division A and the second half in division B. There shall be the same number of packs in each division, except that any extra packs will be added to division A. At least on e of the advertised Judges must officiate in each division. In the case of a split test, a second series shall be runwith an equal number of packs brought back from each division. The advertised Judges shall, if possible, judge the second series. The pack scores in the second series will determine the final placing.
3. A Two Couple Pack shall consist of four (4) hounds of either sex measuring 15 inches or less, run together as a pack. Hounds in a pack do not have to
have the same owner.
4. Changing two (2) hounds constitutes a different pack. Two packs that contain three (3) of the same hounds will be considered as the same pack.
5. An individual hound may be entered in only two (2) packs at any one hunting test.
6. Each hound in the pack will have a different colored collar for easy identification by the judges. The colors used shall be blue, red, white, and yellow.
7. A hound is not eligible to be entered if an advertised or actual judge of that test or member of his immediate family has owned or handled the hound
within on e year of the first day of the test. (See AKC Beagle Field Trial Rules Chapter 7, Section 10.)
8. Measurement. The judges of the test or the handler of another pack may request that a hound be measured. The assigned judges must complete the
measurement on the day the pack runs. A request to measure a hound must be made before the second series begins, or if no second series, before the
awards are announced. If the hound measures over 15 inches it will be disqualified and the pack or packs in which it has run shall be disqualified. A handler may request pre-measurement for any hound in the pack he/she handles. Hounds that have an official measurement card issued by The American Kennel Club will be exempt from any additional measurement.
9. Hounds must be cast to search for game. Once the pack has been evaluated on searching ability the galler y may be allowed to assist in finding a rabbit at the discretion of the judges. The Judges must order up the pack if any hound in the pack fails to search.
10. Packs must be tested for gun shyness in first series. If one or more of the hounds in the pack is determined to be gun shy the pack shall be disqualified. If the class is split, the Field Trial Committee may choose to test for gun shyness in the second series.
11. Packs will have 20 minutes of running times (run time clock). In case of a large entry the Hunting Test Committee may change run time to 15 minutes,
provided the change is announced before the closing of entries. The judge may terminate a pack’s run because of low credit time, major faults, or lack of participation by all hounds any time after 5 minutes on the run time clock.
12. The pack’s handler will have 2 minutes from the time the rabbit is jumped to accept of reject the line. IF the first line is rejected the handler must take thenext rabbit jumped, if both judges agree that the line is a good line. If handler does not start the run time clock in the 2-minute period the pack will be ordered up and excused.
13. The run time clock will begin when the pack handler accepts the line and will end when the (15 or 20) minutes has expired. The only exceptions are as
1) The rabbit has run into a marked hole.
2) The pack is in danger, such as highways, traffic or onto private property, etc.
3) Unforeseen circumstances.
4) The pack has split.
14. Both judges must be agreed upon the above exceptions. At that time the handlers will be able to get a new rabbit, or in case of a split the handler will
be allowed to put the pack together on either rabbit. The remainder of his run time will start again when a new rabbit is found or when the pack is together on a rabbit.
15. Three hounds must be tonguing the line, making forward progress, and the fourth hound must be in the pack before credit time clock can run. The
credit time clock will be stopped is less than three hounds are tonguing on the line, the pack is split, stuck at a check, the pack in general is non productive or not making forward progress.
16. If the judges agree that the pack is running off game, the handler will be ordered to catch the hounds. The run time will continue to run but no credit
time will be given. The handler may, if he wishes, put the hounds on a rabbit for the remainder of the run time.
17. Handlers must keep themselves informed as to the running order and progress of the judging, and must be ready within hailing distance when their pack is called by the Marshal on the instr uction of the judges. The running order cannot be changed under any circumstances once the packs have been drawn, except when packs that contain the same hound must run at the same time in both divisions. A pack that cannot be run in the order drawn without causing a delay in the trial will be dropped to the end of the running order in that division.
18. The primary goal of the two couple pack test is to find the pack this is most useful as a hunting pack. Since every hound in the pack will receive the qualification ad points, it is impor tant that all hounds in some way contribute to the performance of the pack. Each judge will score the pack between 0 and 100. The score should reflect the usefulness of the pack as a
hunting pack. They will use credit time, the contribution each hound makes to the pack, and the AKC Procedure 5 Standard for Judging the Beagle Field
Trial Rules as a guide in evaluation the performance of the pack. The decisions of the Judges shall be finalin all matters relating to the merits of the hounds.
19. The pack score is the sum of the two judges’ scored. The judges are responsible for the final qualification of the packs.
20. The judges are responsible for keeping the run time and credit time clocks, however, a field marshal may assist the judges by keeping the (15 or 20) minute time clock.
21. Should there arise at any time during the running of the pack a question concerning the actual running of the hounds that is not provided for in these
rules and procedure, the judges shall handle the situation in a manner not contrar y to these rules and procedures, and shall so decide the matter as to give each pack an equal opportunity.
22. Each hound in the pack shall earn credit for the placement and points of the entire pack based on the point schedule listed below. Hounds running in more than one pack shall earn credit for their highest placement at the test.
1st Place - One point for each pack started
2nd Place - One-half point for each pack started
3rd Place - One-third point for each pack started
4th Place - One-fourth point for each pack started
A started pack is a four hound pack which has been cast to search for game and which has not been disqualified, and in which none of the hounds has been disqualified during the test.
23. The title of Master Hunter, will be granted to any hound which has earned a total of 60 points and three First places at Two Couple Pack Hunt Tests with at least 6 packs starting. This title will be designated by the suffix title MH in all official AKC records.
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