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  1. Bglenut

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    2010 AKC SPO National Championship

    April 16 & 17, 2010

    Judges :

    15" Males
    Jason Potts – UBGF
    Wayne Martin – DSGF

    13" Males
    Scottie Pannel – DSGF
    Steve Estevez – MABF

    13" Females
    Jerry Gillian – UBGF
    Dr. Arin Woos – NEGF

    15" Females
    Rob Kane III – NEGF
    Lynn Huston – UBGF

    Held at Butler County Beagle Club - April 16 & 17, 2010

    Morgantown : Motel 6 ------- 270-526-9481
    Green River Lodge-- 270-525-6262
    Morgantown is approx. 15 miles from the club

    Beaver Dam, Ky-------Beaver Dam Inn-- 270-274-0851
    Beaver Dam is approx. 22 miles from the club

    Central City, Ky. has a couple motels (don't have the info), and is approx. 28 miles from the club

    If all of those have no vacancies, might have to go for Bowling Green (coming up from the south)----has plenty of hotels/motels, and is 45 to 60 minutes away.

    GPS for UBGF Running Grounds (home of Butler Co. B. C.) is 680 Millshed Rd., Jetson, Ky.
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    David, Thanks for all the info, and all you do for beagling. Hope to see you at the nationals.

  3. Bglenut

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    I will be leaving Mississippi about mid-morning on Thrusday April 15th heading that way. I believe it is about a 8 1/2 hr drive for me.

    See you there.
  4. Mule clothing

    Bglnut are you going to have any of your product at the nationals?
    Jay Kiefer
  5. Bglenut

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    Yes - I will have some of the stuff there, not all but a good supply.

    What are you looking for?
  6. rosco

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    Our dogs are not that good yet.
    Give us time.

    Ya'll have a good time and tell us about it when you get back.
    Pulling for them DSGF hounds

    Bring back some ribbons
  7. Mule clothing

    David I am looking for pants I wear 38w 30L.
    Jay Kiefer
  8. Bglenut

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    Do you wear Carthart pants - if so then what size do you wear in them. Our pants fit just like the those, which is a little different than normal blue jeans.
  9. David sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Yes I have worn cartharts. So that would be the size i would need. I will not be able to make it to the nationals. But I will be at Silver Creek Picnic. So I hope I will see you there.
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    Will anyone be bringing some chaps there. I need a new pair.
  11. Bglenut

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  12. Bglenut

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    I will be heading out on Thrusday. Who else is ready to see some of the Best Hounds in the USA. I know I am.
  13. daveh

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    going to try and make it. love to see them run. been running that style for years and never been to the big show.:headscratch:
  14. TC

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    Had a hound or Two Entered before!! was a Good Time!!! Even if they Didnt like my Style of hound..(More Midwest style)
    My Wife JC and the other HENS BEV (TAB) and Oakhill (Sally) will be there...So Careful Dont letem Ruffle your Feathers LOL.....
    I only live about 45 min from there....
  15. Bglenut

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    Here are the winning hounds :

    13" females,82 entries
    1st Mill Creek Kyler,John Phillips,Gleason Tn
    2nd FC G's Line Taco Belle,Jim&Karen Girafalco,Downingtown,PA
    3rd Lowe Valley Tracking Trecka,Tim Shultz,Seveierville,TN
    4th FC Williams Run-em Hot Silky Silk,Jesse W Williams McCall SC
    NBQ Rose Run Lucky Lady,Jay Lane,Marion NC

    13" males,90 entries
    1st Rapid Run Lil Cowboy Casanova,Bob Peters Bellville,OH
    2nd FC Ready-to-run Smokey,Gregory Nichols,Tallulah,MS
    3rd FF Templet's Rio, Harvey Templet Gonzales,LA
    4th FC Morewater Otis Odie,Travis Still,Blackville,SC
    NBQ FC Ben's Mississippi T-Bone,Brad Ward,Pontotoc,MS

    15"females72 entries
    1st FC Lewis Tuff-E-Nuff Ivy,Jeffery T Lewis,Brookhaven,MS
    2nd NSPO FC Ted's Tina Leigh,Teddy w Adkins,Hamilton,OH
    3rd FC Syoney Creeks Gracie,Travis Purvis,Ocilla,GA
    4th Buck's Branch Cathy Lee,Les Blondino,Madison Heights,VA
    NBQFC Flint Hill Jannie II,Tommy Lawrence,Cedartown,GA

    15'males,82 entries
    1st FC Narrons Cadalac Jack,Jesse M Williams,McColl,SC
    2nd FC tcs Copper,Tommy Pollard,New Iberia,LA
    3rd FC Chicken on A Chain,Robert Gibson,Sikeston,MO
    4th FC No Limit Blaze,Red Forsyth,Rockmart Ga
    NBQNSP,FC Windsong Raider,Tim Barber,Picayune,MS