AKC beagle pups dfb 10-23-09

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  1. Two male pups one BWT outher is BTW dfb 10-23-09 mom and dad are Tri color, good in the kennel, handles good, good runing dogs , packs up well.
    well email pic 12/29/09
  2. Hoop

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    how are they bred?

  3. rosco

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    normally the owner of the female dog takes the dog to visit the male at the home of the males owner.

    After some money is exchanged the male dog talks swet to the female dog and the female dog is bred.
  4. Oh ho ho ho ho. Just wait till RKW reads this.:D
  5. That's a good one.:D
  6. that how it done ...and i been wondering about that my whole life
  7. RKW

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    Hoop,lmao, Now you know the rest if the story. I'm glad rosco stopped short of in depth details but if you need more info please feel free to send him a private message.

    ROSCO, YOU ARE THE MAN! :clap:

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    I'm on Hoop's side. What is the parentage of said pups? :alright:
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    Now I don't care who you are that's some funny stuff.