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    Acadiana Beagle Club held a Fun Day for Club members and their guests on March 20th. 2010, We couldn't of chosen a better day. The grounds were in great shape and rabbits plentiful. First time since last summer that we didn't have to contend with mud & water. Lonnie Richard took charge of organizing the trial and had everything well planned. Thanks as usual to Steve and Nanette for getting all the food and drinks and picking up in making sure this trial was a big success. Thanks to the judges, Allen Henry, Rudy Breaux, Steve Poirier and Michael Cluse, and Great Cooks, Henry Griffin, Nanette Poirier & Eugene Champagne. Beaglers who attended were fed a free Steak Dinner. Although planned several months back we could not predict that Bayou Blue Beagle Club just a few miles from us was going to host the Long Star Championship which reduced our entries because several of its members also belong to Acadiana Beagle club and would of attended if not for the runnoff. Entries totaled 25, 15" Class drew 14 and 13" Class 11. Not a large turnout but the ones that were entered were quality dogs. I didn't see any I didn't like. Every pack only needed one rabbit which was very impressive and could of been a winners pack themselves.The judges put together super winners packs.

    13" Combined
    Judges: Allen Henry & Rudy Breaux

    1st. ??????? Lucky, Owner: Allen Shakesnyder

    2nd. Randomshot Shorty, Owner: Purvis Bertrand

    3rd. Swampland Cassie II, Owner: Douglas Richard, Handler: Paul Richard

    4th. Cypress Swamp Cry Baby, Owners: Steve & Nenette Poirier

    NBQ. Shag Rag Hills Little Ruby, Owner: Ronnie Louviere

    15" Males Results

    Judges: Steve Poirier & Michael Cluse

    1st. KC's Cajun Land Robo, Sire: FC Short's Robo, Dam: Triple B Maggie Mae, Owner: John Taylor, Handler: Paul Richard

    2nd. Cajun Country Rock, Owners: Leander & John Richard

    3rd. Mike's Bayou Current Lil Joe, Sire: FC Russell Creek Reapers Brew, Dam: Homochitto Jolie, Owner: Michael Gerace, Handler: Paul Richard

    4th. Cajun Country Rebar, Owner: Lonnie Richard

    NBQ, Brown's La. Indian Head, Owner: Rudy Richard, Handler, His Grandauthter

    I thought it would be interesting to post the results on this site especially the results of the 15" Class. My dog is the first place dog which it Shorts bred but the three big Black dogs that placed 2nd, and 4th are Blackcreeks and the 3rd place dog is half Blackcreek. Was tuff competition but Robo pulled it off!!
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    Congratulations everybody and also to you John.

    You dont see many Blackcreeks in trials up here or at least not the ones that Ive been to. Well, maybe TCP but I can only remember seeing one at an SPO trial and none in any others or at least not that I knew were Blackcreek. Why do you think that is?

  3. Looks and sounds like a very nice club.
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    Blackcreeks are very popular here at the trials, very few dogs don't have Blackcreek in them at the trials here. The good ones are hard to buy. They just don't let them go. The ones Robbie has are on the small size, but most are big down here. They still go back to the same original breeding but went different ways with the breeding.

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    Yes, Acadiana is a great club. It was the first club to run a Licensed AKC SPO trial. I was there and what a trial. The Brace people were totally against it and tried to prevent AKC from approving it but the failed and now SPO trials are the most popular. Visit the Acadiana site. Click on the History link for the rest of the story. Check the site out very informative information there.