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  1. Is there anyone out there with actual contruction plans for a above ground kennel for beagles:idea::idea:
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    i have just recently finished my above ground pen and will get some pictures posted as soon as i can. it is a 10x10 and made of 2x6 treated lumber for the floor.

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    I just thought I liked the one that I posted the link to.

    Ive built a few single run above ground kennels and they turned out OK but Ive been thinking about building a big one for awhile now. I think I want to have at least 3-3' x 8' runs but I might go ahead and build it with 4 runs.

    The only idea Ive got that I havent seen on these two is to build it on some kind of skid so that I can move it forward/backward for clean up, etc.
  6. here is mine that i built,pens are 4x8 and just sitting on blocks so i can move with tractor .
  7. Kennel Plans

    Guys I like every kennel post that has been shown but I'm not a avid builder so I was wondering if someone had specs on their kennel that maybe someone like me that is not so crafty could follow.:headscratch:
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    new pen

    this is a 10 x 10 about 18in off the ground in front and about 2ft in the back made out of 2x6 for the floor and 4ft chain link fence with a tin top just getting started with the beagles so let me know what you think. maybe these pics will get on the post first time to post pics if thye don't will try later.
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    I believe one of the keys to an above ground kennel is to have it in the shade. Usually the tin roof is so close to the dogs you will fry them in the heat of the day if they are not in the shade
  10. Thanks for the post I think I wil go with a 10' x 12' pen with 2" x 6's for flooring
  11. Good job i really like that.
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    I built this last year. It is 12x8 with 4 3ft wide runs by 6ft deep. The boxes sit in the extra hangover in the back. The houses were a little over the top. I would prob build the box solid down the entire back side of the kennel.
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    This is the one I started building today. If you study the pictures and read through the thread you can get enough of the info to make it work. The doors and boxes are kind of up to you. I had the pictures outside towards the end trying to see exactly how he did the boxes and center supports. Ended up coming up with my own way because it was not in the picture. If you really are not good at woodworking (mrmeagal), I would suggest going with a metal roof but do away with the slant. Then you have no angles to try to duplicated from one side to the other and many of your pieces have the same measurement. Example: you can cut all your supports at once since they are all the same length. Just do a run of 36" all the way to the box, then do a simple box on the back. Measure twice cut once :up:
  14. JMO but i built all mine seperate from each other they are 4ft wide, 3ft tall and 8ft long. just something to think about in case you have to move them. two or three men could easily move mine if you had to put it on a trailer to move them or something.
  15. Everybody has different idea's but i ran my 2x6's through a table saw and ripped them into 1 in. strips for the floor and placed them 1 1/2 in. wide with a 1 in. crack in between and the pen's stay clean all the time. Also used white metal for the roof and it does'nt get hot on the dog's and also built my houses out of z-loc panel's, so they are insulated. In my opinion, the above ground kennel is the only way to go. My dogs are cleaner, happier and most of all, healthier. But be warned, lol It gets in your blood just like the chase. I started with 4- 4x8 pens and now have 9. so- release the hounds, it's all about the chase !! lol

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    I put a piece of 3/4 osb underneath the metal roofing and that pretty much resolved the heat issue. White metal also helps some.
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    mine are 30 inches wide--60inches long with 18x30in house.singles work good for me in case i need to isolate a dog or move them:up: