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I write about my adventure in a log on another site, but I wanted to share in here. I call it DugK’s Out and About Adventures. It may be about my hounds, which is 90% of the time, it may be about my trap line or fishing.
I call my two dogs, The Divas, the Girls or pups but you will get it. One is a red gyp named Stella, she is 1.5 years. The other is my Bluetick named Reba and she is 5.
Without further ado...
After the heavy frost burned of the Divas and I hit the WMA. When we parked it was 29 degrees, when we left 3 hours later it was 55 degrees. It was either soaking wet or still frozen. With all the rain the last few days the ground was like a marsh, glad I had in my tall runner boots. The conditions really threw the girls a curve ball.
They ran had a couple short chases. I think they simply lost the rabbits due to the conditions and I think the rabbits kept jumping the creek. They always seemed to loose them at the creek. It was sorta strange because when they lost the trail, they would find me, they usually don’t give up like that unless the rabbit is dead or holed. I also, may have been misreading the situation, too.
They finally had one good chase. That rabbit made a few tight circles then a big circle that took the girls out almost 300 yards. They brought it back to where it all started. The WMA is between two big ridges, the sound was incredible. I never was able to get a shoot off. I really didn’t care, I like the hounds singing and the experience. This rabbit holed in an old log. Stella went nuts trying to get into that log.
They had one more small chase on the way out. It ended in a big brush pile. They tried their best but I called them off, I was getting warm and hungry.
Oddly, I found a dead rabbit. Nothing seemed wrong with it, just dead. Nothing has even started to eat it yet. I hope it’s not that disease.
I also found an old homestead. The chimney and remains where pretty cool. Always makes me ponder about the history of it. At one time it was someone’s pride and joy, now it is slowly being reclaimed by nature.
Since I didn’t bring any meat to the table, I went down to the pond and caught dinner. The trout were hitting good. I caught one real good one. I casted 9 times, reeled in 7 trout, kept 5, gave 3 to my neighbor and ate one for dinner. The other is for breakfast.
My wife got me a cast iron fish pan for the grill. It is a must! How I lived without one, I will ever know.
Hope everyone enjoyed the read.
My favorite part is pictures

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