806th Route Clearance Company

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  1. Last friday i went down to Conway,Ar. to see some Army buddies off on their 2nd deployment. Thirty members of my old reserve unit volunteered to go back, now dubbed the 806th Route Clearance Company, they consist of appx. 190 soldiers from 25 different states. Twice myself, i have been the one saying goodbye to friends and family, telling them not to worry. now, i find myself on the "worrying side" and already realize it wont be easy. They'll be heading to Afghanistan performing Route clearance missions, their job consists of clearing the roads of bombs and boobytraps placed their by insurgents. So, next time you are saying youre prayers, please remember the 806th route clearance comany.


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    I will pray for their safe return. Also thank you for your service. :up:

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    There is not a day that I let pass without remembering our protecters of freedom. GOD BLESS THEM ALL...
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    been there and know how you feel my old outfit been to iraqi twice and now on the list for a 2012 rotation to afganistan will help say a little prayer for them
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    I will keep them on my prayer list
  6. to everyone....thank you all for the prayers and support...

    beagleman, what unit were you in? us both being from arkansas, i might know of it...my old unit is also set to go in 2012...first deployment we were still Charlie company, 489th Engineer Bn(combat) then they redesignated us as the 688th Mobile Augmentee Company(MAC) for our second tour. either way, the name didnt change the job...still lookin for bombs both tours:D....either way, welcome home.
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    HHC 1/153d Inf Bn 39th Inf Bde
  8. the bowie brigade! i've see that patch around. alot of guys from harrison were cross-leveled into that unit. welcome home brother.
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    retired with 23 yrs 9 months been out 7 yrs now and still miss it
  10. Retired with 20yrs been out 9 yrs and miss it. I didnt think I would.
    Our prayers are always with the Men and Women that serve.