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Where to host 2024 Wade Smith Memorial Rabbit Dog Run

  • Rabbit Run (Somerset KY)

  • Miller Welch WMA (Berea KY)

6th Annual Hunt Location

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The committee has been hard at work with the planning of this years hunt and Junior Handler Trial. We have had a good discussion going about where to host the hunt this year.
As most of you know, Rabbit Run has been a great place to host our event for the last couple years. Running in the pens definitely brings a sense of relief and having rooms on the grounds makes everything alot easier for most attending. Now the problem...
The big house at Rabbit Run is up for sale. If it sales between now and the hunt we still be able to use the pens but will loose the accommodations.
The way we are growing I'm also afraid the 2 pens aren't going to be enough ground for us.

Logan, Stoney and myself have thrown the idea out there to use our local WMA to host the event. There is over 2000 acres of great running grounds. It is designed for the purpose of hosting field trials for birddogs and beagles. It has a great kennel setup and a spacious clubhouse that members can set up a cot and make it feel like the good ol days down in Tennessee when this was all coming about. The hunt was always designed to be moved around and although it's only an hour north of Rabbit Run it is a change of scenery. Stoney checked with the manager today and said February 9th - 11th is available but we need to move fast.

We figured it is only fair to let the members decide where we host the event so I am starting a poll at the top of the post. We need everyone who is planning on attending to vote.
Poll will close next Tuesday at 10pm.

Thanks for helping continue with this one of a kind event!
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