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My two Black Creek pups (15 Month) puzzled me today. They have always been HARD hunters they get a lot of jumps. Ran them 2Day with Charlie Brown and two other short derby's they became BOOT LICKERS Rabbits came hard 20-30 MPH wind and 20 Degrees.
Jumped one rabbit and I put all the dogs on it the BC dogs opened 1st and ran it about 1/2 circle and they all quit and come bac I know it was a BAD scenting day as two other guys had 6 dogs down and they were struggling.
Charlie Brown jumped another rabbit and my dogs WOULD NOT honor them -- I had them within sight of the dogs several times

In the year plus they have been running I have NEVER had either one of these things happen --BADD day or ??


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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