5 yo Male, Black and Tan, pedigree but no papers

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    5 year old, 13.5” black and tan grade male $250. This dog is a male out of FC King Bee Little Jim Dandy x FC Orchard Grove Baby Girl. I do not have the papers on him, as I was not interested in trialing at the time I got him. He was born May of 2015. I got him at 8 weeks and he has been a pleasure to own.

    I would call him a 5.5 on speed, definitely no faster than 6. He will jump and circle his own rabbit solo or slot up. I have killed plenty of rabbits over him solo or with my pack. His check work is nice and tight. I usually give up on a rabbit way before this dog will and he doesn't run trash. I have never trialed this dog, only ever hunted with him.

    The good/bad about this dog is that he is very tight lipped. I mean he won't open up until he is 100% certain he is on a rabbit. Some folks love this, others this drives crazy. He also is pretty stubborn in that if he is working something and another dog starts opening up, he is hesitant to honor unless the other dog is super hot and he is not. I always have a collar on him and I can beep him when I want him to honor and he will go. (He's collar trained for beeps and shock). Another downside (maybe it doesn't matter) is that his tail doesn't move much sometimes. (It doesn't necessarily affect his hunt, it just looks a little weird to me sometimes.) He also may be too slow for some folks. He also started retrieving the end of this last season, if you saw a thread I posted about it.


    Good kennel manners. He barks when he sees a rabbit in the yard or if he is getting fed but other than that he is a quiet and a very sweet dog. Super easy to collar too before a hunt. This dog hunts with me, not the other way around, just because that is my style.

    He is probably not going to lead the front of your pack, but I think this dog would be the perfect dog to start pups with. He is true and tight and will not pull slower dogs. Not to mention he is only 5 so plenty of years left with him! Really wish I could keep him but I am trying to make room in my kennel for a female and I am already exceeding my wife’s limit… I have one dog I want to breed going forward, and another that has seizures, so I don’t really want to move either of them.

    I want to make sure he works out for you, so I would be offering a trial period. If he doesn’t work, bring him back for your money back. I would also discount this dog if you have a kid you are wanting to get his first beagle.

    Located in Tipton, IN. Message me for more info. I will be out of town this weekend visiting family, so I may not be able to respond until Tuesday after Memorial Day. I'll post my cell number on Tuesday if that is easier.

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    Sounds like someone is gonna get a nice dog for a bargain!

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    5 Solas - I'd certainly agree with KYBrushBuster above. Sounds like your male will be a nice addition to someone's kennel. I compliment you on your honest and forthright description of your hound. If I wasn't so far away, I'd take him off your hands! Good luck with your sale. :) - Jeff
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    Sent you a message.
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    Thanks guys for the encouragement. Dog is tentatively spoken for. I will repost if he becomes available again.