5 year old buckshot daughter

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    Up for discussion: DONT WASTE MY TIME TIRE KICKING. im asking for what I got in her.
    Will accept PayPal and Walmart to Walmart but won’t hold her
    Text me at 3144774781
    5 year old FC RNR Buckshot daughter...linebred Otis on bottom.
    Had her bout a month but i am thinking bout switching styles and I’m bringing in a progressive pack style female and I need the cage. Collar broken and minds well. Quiet in kennel.
    Good hunt, when I got her she hadn’t been ran in months and was coming off pups and was mouthy in the check but I’ve been running her and she’s tightening up. She is competitive and likes the front. I’ve killed about 30 rabbits over here since I’ve had her.

    IMG_3194.jpg IMG_3966.jpg IMG_3263.jpg IMG_3634.jpg IMG_3633.jpg
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    She’s yellow collar In videos


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    What are asking for her?
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    She hunts real good but she popped off in a check today so I’ll negotiate on price. It wasn’t horrible and didn’t throw the pack off but I’m picky and it made me mad.
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    Lol thanks for the bump. I need the cage space more than the money