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4 young blackcreek females about to get it on!!!!

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Taking my 4 female pups out of Teddy Mac and Lock-on to Gary Ragsdale's. I think they are sure going to be good ones.:clap: They sure look good anyways. :razz:If they got there mommas line control, and their daddys jump power they should be some world class hounds. I sure love these blackcreek dogs, they are heads above what I used to run!!!!!!!!!!! You can take them out get them going on a rabbit, and go back to the house, check on them in 2 hours and they are still running right were you left them. Not saying their perfect hounds, but they sure fit my needs.:thumb: I still cannot fiqure out why people that dont run them say they are slow. I am sure some are, but mine push a rabbit hard and steady. Perfect gun dogs in my opinion.
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There is some slow blackcreek dogs but you got slow beagles in other blood lines too.

I got to Black Creek pups coming I cant wate to takem out stmpn in the brush
fast dogs

right now im hunting 4 super fast grade dogs. I can kill alot of rabbits with them but there not as acurate as I wish. I wish they would slow down a little because there outrunning there nose. I cant wate to get these black creek pups started and see how they do I'M ready for acuracy instead of spead. Im going to start these pups by there self and knot with the super fast beagles dont want to mess them up.Black Creek Fever I got it
The only blackcreek I ever owned was extremly slow tons of hunt but way to slow. I took a couple of pups to Gary Ragsdale and when I went to pick them up I brought along 3 of my grown dogs and ran them with some of Gary's Blackcreeks they did great togeather they packed up well,ran the same speed and hunted really good togeather.I wound up coming home with a male pup out of one of Gary's males and a friend of his female.So far he is doing pretty good he has good hunt and is running good with my other dogs.I am hoping he turns out I would like to cross some blackcreek in with what I am running now.I'm not one to breed only one bloodline I think they all have their good and bad qualities.I just try to breed dogs that I like,dogs that hunt hard and can run a rabbit.I think Crossroads is right sometimes you have dogs that turn out slow no matter what line you run.From what I have seen not all Blackcreeks are slow most seem to be like what i run just a good medium speed dog.What they all seem to have is a ton of hunt.
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Crofford, I think you might have a pup off of my gyp Blackcreeks Black Betty. If so she is in the front most of the time. She also has alot of hunt to her. I gave Gary all the pups from that litter. Keep me updated on how he turns out. I havent seen them since they were 7weeks old. RJ is my gyps brother, that Gary is running. I dont no if you got to see him run or not. He has a great sound to him, she is alot like him. They came from Coach. :up:
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