4 half sisters Runnen

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Rob`s Blackcreek, Nov 21, 2009.

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    Theyre lookin' good. :thumb:

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    They are looking good. Hope that is your deer feeder. I guess that is one way to make sure they won't take a deer, run them where you know deer have been. See you at Cottonland.

  4. Yeap thats right Mr John that my deer feder , thats where i killed 8 point. Figure trainem right in the middle of em so they wont runnem & its worken so far:thumb:
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    Mr. Robbie, are these littermates to Sally? Tried running at Acadiana today but way too much water. When I first turned loose the line went directly under my 4 wheeler. You should've seen my two males both crawling on their stomachs under my bike chopping every inch. Mike
  6. Mike 2 are half sisters to sally. Yall still got plenty water down there :down:
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    It rained all day Saturday. I brought my dogs with me to work Saturday with the hopes of running when I got off work. But it was not to be. Went this afternoon after Church and the grounds had about as much water as when you were here for the trial.:banghead::banghead::pout: