30 or 50 acre pen

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  1. does anyone have a idea what it might cost me to build one that big? im thinking about building it soon, for myself and friends. it will be located in bee branch ARKANSAS.
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    It really depends on what type of material you use for the post ( t-post, Cedar post, 4x4 post, etc... ) What wire you use ? and so on .....

    The biger you make it - the better it will be, BUT harder to keep up.

  3. plumber

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    Call Gary Ragsdale, he has a heck of a 50 acre running pen. He could tell you everything you need to no.
  4. thanks, do you know his #
  5. plumber

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    Look under members websites. blueskysblackcreekbeagles:thumb:
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    The cost to build a 30 acre pen in 2004 was $8900.It still cost a lil bit every year just for minor repairs and upkeep on it.Alot depends on how well you want to build it.Items i used:

    18 Guage heavy duty wire
    Round landscape polls every 50ft
    4x6 every 150ft
    metal t-post every 10ft
    High tensil wire on bottom,middle and top
    Landscape spikes
    Concrete for wood poles
    Lots of galvanized u nails
    Wire ties for the t post
    Rented 4'' & 8" auger for wooden poles

    Also added electric fence top and bottom for the predators but the darn hawks and owls are my biggest problem.
  7. Crofford

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    I looked at rabbit wire a while back 4 ft high with 1 ft apron around bottom was around $130-140 for a 150 ft roll. It is high but sure would be nice to have one. I have run in Gary Ragsdales pen he has one heck of a setup.
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    Dandt07, Looks like you've got enough info on cost already but I just wanted to let you know that I would be happy to be one of you hunting friends. lol :whistle:

    I may build a pen too but I have to do a lot of dozer work to do before the fence goes up. Good luck with your pen.

  9. thanks, i have a dozer. how far do you live from bee branch?
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    me to live at greenbrier
  11. Dustin we need to get this pen start soon are you going to have to many friends tell me when your to start and we will invite RKW
  12. i plan on starting soon, keith
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    Dustin, I live at Fordyce which is a pretty good jump to Bee Branch. I have to wait until July or August to do any dozer work or I will be wasting my money. I usually rent a Cat and run it myself and the ground needs to dry up on my south line first. I'm thinking about fencing around 50 to 60 acres but I haven't made up my mind yet. I also know I'll be leaving soon to work away from home and that has me kind of messed up too because I don't know how long I'll be gone.

    I drove my 4 wheeler around just before dark and saw 5 rabbits sitting in the lanes. All of those were Cottontails too. I usually see a few Swampers as well.

  14. im hoping i can do mine for $10000 or $12000 if i do the work myself and with some friends