2010 AKC SPO NATIONALS results ....

Discussion in 'AKC' started by Bglenut, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Bglenut

    Bglenut New Member

    Here are the Winning hounds :

    13" females,82 entries
    1st Mill Creek Kyler,John Phillips,Gleason Tn
    2nd FC G's Line Taco Belle,Jim&Karen Girafalco,Downingtown,PA
    3rd Lowe Valley Tracking Trecka,Tim Shultz,Seveierville,TN
    4th FC Williams Run-em Hot Silky Silk,Jesse W Williams McCall SC
    NBQ Rose Run Lucky Lady,Jay Lane,Marion NC

    13" males,90 entries
    1st Rapid Run Lil Cowboy Casanova,Bob Peters Bellville,OH
    2nd FC Ready-to-run Smokey,Gregory Nichols,Tallulah,LA
    3rd FF Templet's Rio, Harvey Templet Gonzales,LA
    4th FC Morewater Otis Odie,Travis Still,Blackville,SC
    NBQ FC Ben's Mississippi T-Bone,Brad Ward,Pontotoc,MS

    15"females72 entries
    1st FC Lewis Tuff-E-Nuff Ivy,Jeffery T Lewis,Brookhaven,MS
    2nd NSPO FC Ted's Tina Leigh,Teddy w Adkins,Hamilton,OH
    3rd FC Syoney Creeks Gracie,Travis Purvis,Ocilla,GA
    4th Buck's Branch Cathy Lee,Les Blondino,Madison Heights,VA
    NBQFC Flint Hill Jannie II,Tommy Lawrence,Cedartown,GA

    15'males,82 entries
    1st FC Narrons Cadalac Jack,Jesse M Williams,McColl,SC
    2nd FC tcs Copper,Tommy Pollard,New Iberia,LA
    3rd FC Chicken on A Chain,Robert Gibson,Sikeston,MO
    4th FC No Limit Blaze,Red Forsyth,Rockmart Ga
    NBQNSP,FC Windsong Raider,Tim Barber,Picayune,MS
  2. FB

    FB Administrator Staff Member

    Congratulations to all that won or placed.

    It looks like the South did pretty good. :thumb:

  3. congratutions to all the winner
  4. daveh

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    man that was a bunch of hounds. glad teddy atkins got a second. he is always in there some where. owned a few of his hounds. he has a great bitch line. congrats to all the other winners.:up:
  5. FB

    FB Administrator Staff Member

    I saw on eSPO that Rapid Run Lil Cowboy Casanova turned a year old a week ago and that this was his third win.

    Its pretty amazing for a year old dog to win two AKC trials much less win the Nationals.

    He must be a really nice dog and Im sure his owner (and Chicken's owner) are pretty proud this morning. :thumb:
  6. daveh

    daveh Active Member

    he had a heck of a handler in richard swayer.
  7. Bglenut

    Bglenut New Member

    I saw NSPC and NEW FC and Rapid Run Lil Cowboy Casanova rn and he runs a lot of rabbit for his age. When Richard turned him loose during his pack, "Cowboy" didn't even know how to raise his leg to pee. We was laughing at Cowboy and Richard said he might be young, but you need to come watch him run a rabbit. I will tell you this, Cowboy is a "NICE YOUNG MALE" that can run it with power, but still with control. He is a great little male and should produce well. Cowboy's Sire - FC Crank's Chicken has produced some GREAT hounds.
  8. bseger

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    This little male will be the youngest to ever finish,and also the youngest to ever win the nationals.Pending AKC approval of course.This little male can smoke a rabbit as was witnessed by the entire galary saturday afternoon.
  9. Congrats to all the won or placed