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Theyll be ready to go around the first week of July. I like the dam alot and she produces good pups for me so I had planned to keep em for myself but Ive decided to do something else now.

The sire is out of FC Willie's Bad Boy Blake. He's Playboy/Stubby top and bottom. The dam is a grandaughter of Hossbreeze and also has two crosses of Little Nip Otis.

I expect em to be 12", maybe a little over.

Ace (sire) has good hunt and good foot. He has alot of Stubby in him and he's got the gears to drive it if he can.

Hoppy (dam) has really good hunt and if she barks its up and running. I dont go rabbit huntin' without her.

Located in central Arkansas.

The males are the two on the right. The female is already sold.

$100 each
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