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Gonna have 2 female pups available out of bounce and Sadie for $300
They are 2 weeks old as of yesterday and in the St. Louis, MO area.

Planned to keep a few from this cross when I made it but due to career and family priorities I’m going to be getting out of dogs….

Took months of thought but family comes first and it’s also best for the dogs.

I have plenty of video of bounce and Sadie on my Youtube you can watch.

There is a link below of two 5 month old puppies from the last time I made this cross starting on their first rabbit scents and a few more videos of them.

Plenty more online.

Never trialed but my dogs are a joy to hunt over and they find their own rabbits….I don’t jump rabbits.

Mama Sadie may also be available.

Text or call me at 314-477-4781

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