2 - 1yr old males. started. dad is a registered Gunsmoke (also regigie, postoak) bluetick male with great hunt and booming mouth. pretty good at jumping rabbits. Mom is a grade female that is black and tan. great hunt and line control. She can jump and run her own rabbit as well. I am keeping 2 females out of this cross. parents are outstanding dogs. i will be glad for anyone to just watch those 2 hunt as a pair or alone. i don't keep many males so I'm letting these go. $500 for the pair., may seperate. Should be around 13in or tad taller with good line control and hunt. Probably a 6 or so on speed. both have good mouth. one is real deep.

I'm located in Southwest Va. Pm a number and i will text pics

i also have a video of them running. if you pm a number i will text it to you