1st ARHA Fld Ch

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    I finished my first NKC Fld Ch Saturday. Dry Creek Speck. 10 Trials in 12 months, 9 trophies, plus HOY open class in TN/AL region. I know it's not AKC but it is enjoyable. I bought this dog to attend some ARHA LP trials for fun. Never dreamed I'd even place, although he is a good old fashioned rabbit dog. Great jumpdog and does account for most of his rabbits. I also have AKC SPO dogs I run separately. Here is a breakdown of my costs. Entry fees=$150, gas=$200, Friends made and enjoyment=priceless!
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  2. congrats.... and that is a looking fine future beagler ya got there as well!!!

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    I have trialed in both formats and like some things about each of them but there are alot more ARHA trials close to me than there are AKC. I also like NKC because Im usually not competing against professionals with their own pens, etc. Its hard for a guy with a job like mine to put the running time on a dog that some of those guys are able to put on one.
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    Yeah, the AKC SPO trials I've been to were won a lot by professional handlers or trialers with their own running pens. I can't compete with that. The most surprising difference I see in the AKC SPO and NKC ARHA is how the dogs look. The SPO dogs are very thin with no fat on them at all. The ARHA dogs are slick and not skinny at all. I enjoy all the trials but most of my success is from Nov to Feb with my Remington.
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    Congradulations and nice photo. I too agree with all the comments, the ARHA/NKC is a bunch of rabbit hunter types not pros. I have nothing against any other format, but the ARHA is the one for me.
    Again good job on the Champion:thumb:
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    great job. good lookin hound:up:
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    Congratulations Mack and it was nice meeting you at the trial.
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