13inch female for sale

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by vahounds, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. vahounds

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    i have a 2 year old mainly black and tan with some white on her neck. she is healthy, straight in the front, good bite. i have never tried to start her i had 2 other dogs the same age and no starting pen i just didnt even try to start her. she is otis on top and otis/pro on the bottom. she may start if someone has a starting pen, or she would make a good brood bitch. FC in her ped.
    paid 300 for her as a pup will take 150 for her
    540 325 3342
  2. deltadog

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    If its the female you got from me, I still have the Paperwork on here... I never received my money either. Which is 300.... Soon as I get payment on her I will send the paperwork. It been a year and a half now, still no money..:headscratch:

    Guess you cant go on a mans word anymore! Lessons learned from here on out!

  3. kman

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    is this dog still available?
  4. HunterMS

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    Looks like "The Beast" is upset! Can't say I blame him.
  5. deltadog

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    Guys, this matter has since been cleared up..... I've been paid and papers mailed to him.
  6. vahounds

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    no the dog i had for sale has been sold, and is not the dog deltadog was referring to. the dog i had for sale was straight in the front with blk/tan/some white and was unstarted.