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  1. A leggy slim built 13" young hound started or ready to start that will stay under 13" likes to run the front and can handle it,quick out of a check and very competitive..I am located in North West Alabama on the Georgia line.
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    I have a 13 inch male lightly started .hes out of awful bawling jerker T. An deer river black magic... jerker to goes back to ftch armandos levi an ftch awful bawling hoser.

  3. You have a picture and a price?? I know both bloodlines and have had the awful bawling in my kennel and presently have an outcross to an Armando..old line type...female..Not many bloodlines i have not had in my kennel being 68 as of 4/03/2010..I have some of my hounds listed in the kennel section of this board..REBEL
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    Im asking 350..im not sure how to put pics on here.but if. u hace a email or a cell i can send them to.
  5. e-mail is [email protected]
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    Ive got a female thats about 16 months old slightly over 13 inches that hunts hard and runs a lot of rabbit but she is going to be to rough to trial in my area but is going to be top rabbit dog Im asking $250 I live in moulton al call me if your interested. 256-318-4457
  7. Moulton..would you by chance know Jim Murphy that runs ARHA PP?? Is there a way you can post or send me a picture of the hound and a little bit how this female is breed?? Thank You
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    You just described the derby female I have posted for sale. I am working on getting a pic to post.

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    I used to run with Jum Murphree when i was 16 or 17 years old he really did alot for me when I was first getting into beagles. I lost touch with him as I got older and started a family. Im very sad to say that Jim passed away but he was great for progresive pack in this area and one of the best men I ever knew.

    As far as the dog is concerned give me aday or so and I will get you a picture shes definately not local breeding she has alot of Mr bill blood behind her other dogs in her pedigree are Fams mountain view Bruno and Bucks Branch Kalagha lots of fc's in there but i dont have her pedigree in front of me now
  10. Pedigree is not important..sorry to hear Jim passed away,i to thought a lot of him and his wife.Jim and i ran often in years pass,a great guy!! and a fellow Marine.
  11. Tell me a bit more about this female and where is she advertised? Do you know Chris Spall of Indiana??
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    How quick do you want the dog to be ?
    I have a red headed Satsuma female that is fasssst.

    she stays way ahead of my medium spped dogs. I have a windsong that is fast. The satsuma and windsong work together perfectly.

    If you want quick we can watch this dog run. I am located in Mobile Al.
    The only reason I woud sell her is she is faster than spo judges seem to like. She will out run her nose from time to time but corrects herself pretty quickly.
  13. Quick out of a check,explodes out of a check and never looks back,fast enough to catch cotontail and swampers from time to time and in order to do that..we both know..she has to keep constant pressure on the rabbit with few loses and few checks.I have heard that the true 100% Satsuma has speed to burn and i have also heard it depends on the early or later breed/bloodline of Satsuma hounds if they were really worth the effort,but we also know you can hear anything..How old is this female? TY
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    I don't Chris Spall, that I know of, I am terrible with names and faces. I didn't get your email. I will try to get a pic tomorrow evening when I get home from work.

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    13 months,
    Don't believe what youhear.

    believe what you see.

    She is a satsuma cross.
    If you are a little intrested I can post her pedigree.

    See her run. If She can burn up a rabbit.
    If it were up to me she would stay. My 14 year old is the dog man
    and he says we are going to all medium speed.

    His dogs his choice. Not much effort involved, put her down and watch her run.

    She will jump her own rabbit.
  16. Pedigree and picture would be nice and how often do you travel or do you know anyone coming to North East Alabama in the near future??TY
  17. e-mail is [email protected]
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    Rebel....did u get the email of the awful bawln male?
  19. Just finished scanning my mail and did not see any thing..will you please resend..TY
    [email protected]
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    Rebel..makn sure u got that pic of the levi dog.