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  1. anyone have any luck today I didn't go had thing to do Hope to go tomorrow
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    I feel like a lucky fellar even if I didn't run my beagles today. I got to spend a day out and about with my wife. We have to do that every now and again because they put up with alot from us ole dummies. I must say mine probably doesn't understand why I do what I do with such passion but she never complains about it. God blessed me with a super person for a wife!!!!

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    I didn't get to go today but I went yesterday afternoon. My wife and I turned loose on the back 40 and ran 2 rabbits. The first one got through a tight wire fence when it ran through the neighbors pasture we called the dogs back which was a good thing because he had a horse that didn't want them in the pasture. We got them back and ran another one and I stepped on a third rabbit they weren't after. As much as I like to see the rabbit I believe my wife loves it more and she seems to always be in the right place. They just run over her. I know I don't have the best hounds but we have run rabbits on every turn out so far.
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    I didn't get to go yesterday, today is church day, and will work next week. I won't get a chance to go till next Saturday