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1/13/10 hunt

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It wasnt great by any means but it might have been if I had more time to hunt or if we had a couple of more people. I had been up all night and had to leave early enough to get some sleep so that I could work again last night. I guess we were out there about 3 1/2 hours or so.

We got into some swamp rabbits and the runs were so long that we only got shots at 4 of em. Two were killed and we missed two more. One of em is probably still laughing. We were standing about 10' apart talking when the dogs jumped one that ran right between us.

He got two shots at it and I shot once and I dont think either one of us even got close. :smack:

This is Jason long armin' one of them.
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Looks like you guys had a good time.Running those swampers is tough, but it sure is a lot of fun.:up:
So jealous. I'm gonna go Saturday hopefully. Way to go.
sounds like ya'll had good time and even killed a coulpe of rabbits
looks like everybody had a good time thats what counts
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