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  1. Rabbit Hunting and Beagling
    I am starting a new pup, he is starting good on rabbits however I am having trouble keeping him in the spot I want to hunt. He runs off and does his own thing. Any suggestions?
  2. Rabbit Hunting and Beagling
    I started looking for a collar to use while training my beagle and there is a LARGE volume and range in price. This is my first attempt at training a dog to run rabbits so I'd like to invest in something that is known to work. Do any of you have strong recommendations about a brand, or what...
  3. Rabbit Hunting and Beagling
    Looking a starting pen our someone in ga our not to fae to start my pups. by starting I mean get them hunting jumping and running by them selfs I am willing to pay I also would want them you to take them out one our two times two kill one out to them
  4. Rabbit Hunting and Beagling
    I'm new to this and have a Blackcreek bred female that is about 4 months old that i got a late start on. Have had her on a hotdog trail around the yard and she wont listen to me at all and wont stay on the trail very good just wants to run around and smell of whatever. Is it too late to start...
1-4 of 4 Results