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    Abby has not run since hunting season because of allergies problems. It's been a tough year.
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    The scent has been so good lately is was nice to see her have to work. We had wind gust over 50 miles per hour...
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    Abby will be 9 years old and has had some health issues but still gets to run a rabbit not and then.....
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    I can't say enough good things about this dog. Not only is he a Field Champion but he is Also the 2015 AKC National Gun Dog Brace Big Male Champion. The Dog is not the fastest or if you want to run in front of him that is not a problem but whatever you do don't make a mistake. He runs the...
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    Thought you guys might want to see a six month check up on the girls. Sky wont be two years old until the middle of June. This whole litter has ended up with this same running style......
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    Posting for a friend that is selling out due to health/age. 3 Running Females $200 for all 3. Above ground kennels $100 each. He is located in Jonesville NC. Please call Eddie with any questions. 336-829-8374
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    I have several pups for sale with proven Field Trial and hard hunting bloodlines. The Sire and Dam of the pups are out of my Field Champions / FCGD Fox Creeks Jokers Wild (Pro 2) and FCGD Cruise On Nitro. Both the Sire and Dam of the pups have excellent hunt, all day stamina for rabbit hunting...
  8. The Tailgate
    Rabbit Trap plans I had some scrap tent poles and 30 gallon barrels lying around and made traps this afternoon. These are not pretty but thought it might help someone. Round, Octagon, or square all work off of the same trigger and basic design. I usually make plywood tops with wire stapled to...
  9. AKC
    This is the last of the winners pack of the little males at Northern WV Beagle Club in Morgantown WV. I hope some of the guys will watch and see the fun that everybody has and also that judges work their butts off and should be treated with respect. These guys came from New Jersey and had no...
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    Skyview's Tracy 13 Weeks Old runs first rabbit. Really shocked because she had zero exposure to rabbits.
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    Abby has been pretty consistent at getting 2nd and 3rd. Not enough to get the wins to finish but has been a pretty solid little dog. 13" Females.
1-15 of 15 Results