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    Didn't find any place to member introduction that's why posting here as I am a pet lover and love to exchange information about pets between the same interest of people. From now on I will be participating here on this forum regarding all about pets. Hope I will enjoy this community. Maria.
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    The scent has been so good lately is was nice to see her have to work. We had wind gust over 50 miles per hour...
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    Abby will be 9 years old and has had some health issues but still gets to run a rabbit not and then.....
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    This is a dog from New Jersey that belongs to Colin and his Daughter Madison O'Drain. This is a dog that I just can't say enough about. There are dogs who can run faster and beat him at trials but I don't think there are dogs that can outperform him. He just hardly ever makes a mistake. He is...
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    Maxima 5000/25 tracking system. Model #SR544821. (216-220).. .Includes the soft side case with a belt loop for carrying the unit easily. (see pictures) Also have several collars available for sale @ $40 each that work with this unit. The Maxima 5000/25 Receiver is capable of tracking dogs on...
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    This is the last of the winners pack of the little males at Northern WV Beagle Club in Morgantown WV. I hope some of the guys will watch and see the fun that everybody has and also that judges work their butts off and should be treated with respect. These guys came from New Jersey and had no...
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    Skyview's Tracy 13 Weeks Old runs first rabbit. Really shocked because she had zero exposure to rabbits.
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    I have a 14 in male dog for sale grade dog bought him a about 2 months ago has pretty good hunt never got to gun hunt with him but guy I got him from said they killed pile of rabbits over him said he was 4 yrs old runs about a 5 I'd say 140 dollars or trade for a female pup to work with over the...
1-10 of 10 Results