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Sep 29, 2020
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Sep 29, 2020
    1. Mathews Halon 6
      Mathews Halon 6
      Hi Rev are you the breeder of "Arnold"s Soper Star" i just picked up a pup that has a lot of Arnold blood in her along with "Postoak little nip Otis" on the top of her pedigree, Just looking for some info.
      Thanks Todd
    2. Pulpwood
      Hello Rev. Did Shirley have my pup yet? I can hardly stand the wait. I am looking forward to seeing your hounds when I pick up my .pup. Thanks Ray(Pulpwood)
    3. nolanh
      Rev. Arnold, I haven't got the Water Silencers in yet. They assure me they are working on them. Wanted to give you an update. I will be at South Miss. on Friday. Will talk to you then, if you are there.
    4. ferguson123
      yea im still working out of town and cut back to a manageable number of hounds i dont trial much ive never trialed her but she is a rabbit dog shes a hrd hunting little jip shes fitten to turn 8 next month i wanna get some pups out of her to raise when she comes bac in im gonn get with u and see what u have andmaybe get together and we can run were we can watch them run i know u dont run males if u come across any u wanna sale let me know im looking for some decker bred hounds any ideal were a man could find some
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    5. kickapoo
      Rev Arnold you have a new PM from me.

    6. tim godfrey
      tim godfrey
      hey rev long time no see
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