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Nov 22, 2009
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Nov 23, 2017 at 11:23 PM
    1. Olemiss11
      Hey John ur not originally from Vicksburg Ms r u??
    2. reddog
      Mr. Taylor,

      Thanks for the quick response to a newbie question. I seen where you mentioned "FC Little Joe ". I got a pair of red pups, 4 months old. Grade dogs will be 15". I got them to train up so I will have rabbit dogs next season. I traded for a registered slow dog to train them with. Are the papers really worth the extra money? Do people really pay 150 bucks for a pup just cause its daddy has a fc before its name? I didn't get a pedigree with her, but from the registration certificate, she is half high blooded. The Sires' pedigree is listed here. Don't know bout the Dam. Is it worth it to transfer the papers to my name.
    3. reddog
      Mr. Taylor
      Thanks for the quick response on a newbie question.
    4. Harp
      Did you get my pm
    5. Pulpwood
      Thanks for the telephone #.
    6. Pulpwood
      Mr. taylor do you know how I can get in touch with Mr. Ronald Hicks. I am looking for some pedigree information. I saw his dogs did well at the field trial.
    7. trobin
      Cool deal! Mine should be too far behind. She's at Ronnie's in the brooder. Good luck and keep me posted.
    8. John Taylor
      John Taylor
      South Mississippi Beagle Club. I haven't been there lately, but have heard they have little cover in spots. Just shat I have heard. Little Male Judges, good judges. Both pretty critical and like a good clean dog. Maurice is kind of mouthy but is a good judge and Brent can judge my dogs any day. I would trust Brent judging his own dogs. I judged plenty qualifying trials with Brent many years back. He knows what to look for. Thought he would been accepted to judge the Nationals this year. Don't now what happened.
      Hey I know you know. How good is the running ground at South Ms, Is ther good cover or wide open and alot of lanes.. Never been ther and would love to go but would also like to know about the little male judges and what they like..Thanks if you can help me out.
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