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Feb 13, 2017
Apr 3, 2010
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New Member, from upper east TN (Hancock Co)

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Feb 13, 2017
    1. weedmulehunter
      Are y'all not gona have the fun run.
    2. bdog
      Hi BB,

      I talked to you the other day about Rev. R Summers dogs ped.

      I didn't ask but I guess you have a bitch breed to one of his males?
      I told you I have two of his dogs a male and a female out of the same litter!

      They are really good rabbit dogs, the female is slow on the track , but has a wonderful cold nose. She is always the last dog on a track. SHe can really run, but she just hunts slow. She pick up a lot of checks when the other dogs have missed everything!

      The male has a good nose and does well on checks, he is always in the hunt.

      The only negative I have with both is they just can't copntroll themselves when I go done to the pen, they whine and bark and run around like school kids.

      I know I could break them but they are as quite as the other dogs, except when I show up, to play or feed them.

      The male is a stocky, well muscled up strong dog and can go all day long. He will bust the heavy stuff when the lighter dogs just can't get in!

      I can send you a copy of the peds if you want them, just give me your address and I copy them!

      Enjoyed talking,

    3. blubeagle
      thanks a bunch Roy!!!
    4. Addi
      I'm so sorry about your health problems.
      If I can help you let me know. I don't know your schedule prior to the surgery, but if you want to run sometimes, let me know. If you are too busy I understand.
      Wishing you a speedy recovery and praying for you and your family in this time of trouble.
      Yours in Sport
      Roy Guthrie
    5. rebelbeagle
      Hey blu somebody needs to have a long talk with that boy he told me i need to grow for picking on a kid running his mouth like that he will find out sooner or later when somebody puts a knot on his head its a different game when you grow up.
    6. rebelbeagle
      sorry to get your post off the matter at hand just smokes me when i know what i have and i the kid needs to grow up before he starts running his mouth because we are adults.
    7. blubeagle
      i know man...they LOVE TO HATE me on here!...LOL
    8. weedmulehunter
      Dam blue ur catchin hell on the speed forum
    9. blue_ninja
      Just sent you a pedigree of a male and was told he was for sale for $300.00 but sense than i can't get the guy to respond back to me, maybe he will respond back to you and send you a picture of the male, if he looks good i want him.I have had some of this bloodline in my kennel in years past and they were some fine rabbit dogs, had two females and one was Rick's Bluejean,got $600.00 for the pair and bought them for $300.00 first year young hounds and they went to a guy in Pa and he said the first time he took them hair hunting they caught three their first day out.This guy may not be responding cause of others cause i told him who i was and the bloodline i created, so may you will have better luck before this male is gone.."IF" he looks good and has good conformation??????
    10. madcatter
      Just checkin in with ya.I am staying away from all the boards,I just can't take them anymore with all the stuff.I just wanted to thank ya for being a good dude over the past couple years over on beagle nation.
      When I blew my stack and mother****ed Reb.....I was outta line.just lost my patience with everyone.
      If I do anymore posting it will just be clips and no conversation.
      Later and keep having fun
    11. BADSHAPE120
      How are u doing man....
    12. ariley
      if u sent me a message i didnt get it said some kind of computer crap
    13. BADSHAPE120
      Hey blue its badshape (wayne cox) in rhea county how have u been hey help me get back on the other board i forgot my pass word. Help me out son.....
    14. ariley
      bluebeagle if u sentme a pm i didnt get it
    15. stophyridge
      Blue what about them slow dogs u were talking about
      Man just have to mess with you alittle. You got a good heart in this sport. Trying to beat your thread but dont look like it will happen.
    17. tim godfrey
      tim godfrey
      Blue some men just think that men are the surpeara one and a woman is just there play toy
    18. tim godfrey
      tim godfrey
      Amen brother
    19. blubeagle
      yeah...people are funny...all talk and no action!!...there does seem to be some interest building though!!!...god or bad im not sure...LOL
    20. REBEL
      Well i have made my offer but it seems no one wants to take me up on it,they can throw rocks but can't take the time to run with my hounds or even invite me to run with theirs!!
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