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Jul 6, 2015
Dec 8, 2010
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Bayou State Blackcreeks

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Jul 6, 2015
    1. JPL-1014
      Hey Jeff, this is Josh Lafleur. Maybe we can get together one day and you can give me some pointers on the blackcreek breed. Thanks
    2. Line Creek Kennels
      Line Creek Kennels
      Hey Bayou State Blackcreeks, I also run some Backcreek dogs. I have a grandaughter of black ace that is a nice dog. I also have two young females that are blackcreek and lizard creek tadpole that are making some rabitt dogs. I keep and run ten females I do not keep any males. I also want to tell you that I would never slander anybodys dogs on this website. I hope you didnot think that in my response to Hugejim. I just thought he was talking out of line about some people on this site and I personaly did not enjoy reading what he said. Anyway I just thought I would personaly tell you that myself. Thanks and have a Blessed day!!
    3. eddie71667
      was wondering if u knew a gerald bridges and how i could get ahold of him?
    4. Bayou State Blackcreeks
      Bayou State Blackcreeks
      I do run blackcreeks, unfortunatly I don't have anything for sale at this time.
    5. joeray
      do you run blackcreek beagles? if so do you have any grown dogs or puppys for sale?
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