What To Know About Beagles

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    In previous articles, I mentioned some other dogs that would make good hunting dogs, but the best canine you can have at your side is a beagle. Aside from making an excellent hunting companion, beagles are some of the most lovable dogs you\'ll ever have as a friend. However, they may be sweet and loving on the outside, but they were specifically bred to hunt rabbit, and they are the best dog to have at your side on hunting excursions. That\'s why it\'s important to be careful if you have smaller animals in the home. Your beagle may try to please you by harming or retrieving it, but this largely depends on the personality of the dog, and how well it is trained. But if you\'re in the market for a beagle, here is why having one around the home would be beneficial.

    Pack Mentality

    More than any other hunting dog, beagles were traditionally used to hunt in packs to cover more land. Beagles are more cooperative when hunting with other dogs, and seek the company of other of their peers more than other dog breeds, but they will settle for human contact. And they tend to be more closely bonded with human females than males. They are not the most intimidating dogs, and they are not well suited as guard dogs, but they will bark when seeing strangers. But, regardless of the gender, or whether or not a person is a stranger, they are loving and affectionate animals that are loyal. They do extremely well around children as well. This is not a dog that is content with sitting alone in the backyard; it is an indoor pet through and through that relishes in the company of people.


    Because of their highly developed sense of smell, they tend to get distracted by all the scents around. They can be fairly stubborn, but if you stick with them at a young age, they\'ll make well-trained dogs. When it comes to training, beagles respond best to positive reinforcement. Beagles do not respond well to harsh punishment, and will only ingrain certain negative incidents in their minds, which would only weaken the social bond between dog and master.

    The Nose Knows

    Stubborn as they may be, training them is well worth the effort. Beagles have 20 million smell receptors, compared to 5 million in humans. This is a scent-hound, first and foremost. You\'ll not only get their top notch sense of smell, but their coat does well in repelling water, or any plant material they may brush against when chasing or retrieving rabbit. When it comes to their coat, they are easy to groom, and their fur doesn\'t attract that dog smell.


    And like any other hunting dog, beagles have high energy, and they need consistent exercise to remain in shape. They are a breed of dog that can easily gain weight if not getting enough physical activity. Also, they can develop behavioral problems, and they can become destructive if left alone for too long, or if not getting enough exercise. They also tend to be overeaters, so you may want to portion and limit their daily food intake. And, because of their strong nose senses, they are able to track food easily, which is why it\'s important to stash any non-perishable food securely around the home. Make sure the garbage is secure and taken out daily to prevent them from having a quick snack while you are gone.

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