Top 5 Rabbit Dog Breeds

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    We know the beagle is the best rabbit dog to have, but what are some other dogs out there that will make some good breeds? In previous articles, I highlighted some other dogs that would make good rabbit dogs, but there are so many other breeds that will aid you on the hunt. If you\'re in the market for a hunting dog, there are other candidates you can choose from.

    5. Lurcher


    The Lurcher is a dog that came from the United Kingdom, but it is a mixed breed that comes in all shapes and sizes. The starting point for this breed is usually a sight-hound mixed with another purpose dog like a scent-hound. For that reason, a lurcher can be bred from a sight-hound background, such as a Deerhound or Whippet, and mixed in with a strong scent-hound like the beagle. Mixed breeds can be also make stellar hunters, and you\'ll have plenty of choices when it comes to the lurcher breed. Beagles are known as slow hunters, but lurchers are quick at catching rabbit.

    4. Basset Hounds


    Basset hounds make great pets for hunting rabbits, so much so that there are hunting associations in their honor. They have a short statue, much like that of the beagle, and their sense of smell is on par with the Bloodhound. And like the beagle, they have a calm and docile manner, making them great to have as an indoor pet. They are a vocal breed, and they tend to be lazy when not stimulated, but some regular exercise will keep them in peak condition. Like the beagle, they can get distracted by various scents, and they can be heavy eaters.

    3. Weimaraner


    Considered a regal dog going all the back to the 1800s, this was a dog used for hunting big game like bear and deer, but later became a useful breed for hunting smaller animals like rabbits. They are athletic dogs with sporty frames, and they are sociable animals that will make great indoor pets. They are dependent on their masters to the point where separation anxiety is common in this breed, which can manifest in the form of behavior problems, but this can be remedied with training. This is a very versatile dog that will hunt on both land and water, along with pointing, retrieving and tracking.

    2. Labradors


    Retriever breeds like labs are also good animals when it comes to hunting, and although not as versatile as the Weimaraner, the retriever is an extensive hunter that can swim, and is one of the more easily trainable pets out there. It doesn\'t have the size advantage like the beagle, but labs are another great animal to have if you looking for a good hunting companion and an indoor pet as well. They are loyal companions, and they are a dog breed that will live very long if you take care of them, and I can attest to this, since my black lab lived a whopping 17 years.

    1. Beagles


    You just can\'t go wrong with a beagle. It is the best option to have when hunting rabbit, and you\'ll get the best scent of any dog out there. Like the basset hound, the breed can be stubborn, and can get distracted by many scents around. They are friendly, loyal and very protective. Their small stature makes them great for sifting through forests, and their sense of smell will never let you down. You\'ll have to check on their floppy ears for dirt and infections, but they are a breed with few problems, and they are great for hunting with dogs.

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