Tips and Tricks for Finding Rabbits

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    When you set out in the field on any given day, chances are good you will bag a few rabbits. Sometimes fortune will smile down upon you and you may even bag more than a few. The fact of the matter is that on certain days we may get lucky on our hunts and turn in with a big smile at the end of a successful day. On the flip side, other days may not be so lucky, but to compensate for those unlucky days, there are tips we can use to find more rabbits, turning things around in our favor.

    By making friends with area farmers near to where you do your rabbit hunting, you can get an inside track on where the rabbits are hanging out. Farmers spend a lot of time in the field and likely see rabbits come and go quite often to a point where they develop a good idea where rabbits are holing up. Since farmer's have an interest in protecting crops, they are also very likely to share this information with you, so feel free to cultivate a good relationship with farmers in the area you hunt.

    Though it is nice to get rabbit intel from someone else, it is also important to get out there and see for yourself. Rabbits are frequently active at dusk and dawn, so that is a good time to go for a joy ride in and around your hunting grounds. Take note of cover locations and if rabbits are on the move as well as to and from where they seem to be going. Keep an eye out for cover that is near food sources and note areas where rabbits appear for future hunting opportunities.

    Keep an eye out...for an eye. It can be tough for even the most experienced hunter to pick out a rabbit against a natural backdrop. Rabbits are naturally camouflaged in such a way that they blend very well with their surroundings, but one part of them does stand out, that being the eye. Instead of looking for the whole form of a rabbit amongst the foliage, look instead for only the eye and you just may be surprised by the ease with which you're able to pick an eye out from the surroundings.

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    Speaking of eyes, having a fresh set with you never hurts. This means don't be afraid to bring a buddy along not just for help but for added enjoyment and companionship. Sure, your rabbit dogs make good partners, but sometimes it is not only nice but also helpful to have a human along as well. If you don't have a friend who likes to hunt rabbit, consider making a friend into a rabbit hunter by bringing a newbie along for an introduction to the sport.

    Just because it is cold and miserable outside does not mean you should stay in bed. In fact, the opposite is true. A day that is less than ideal for you is a fine time to be hunting rabbit. Much like you want to hunker down somewhere, so do rabbits. Their fur is not the best protection against the elements so they are going to be hunkering down to stay warm. When you do stumble across them, they will not flush with quite as much enthusiasm as on a warmer day, giving you an advantage. To find cold weather bunnies, look for a good place to shelter from the elements but where sunshine may penetrate.

    By taking these few things into consideration, you can most definitely give your rabbit hunting a bit of a boost. Granted it is nice to be in the right place at the right time for fortune to befall you, it doesn't always happen that way. Sometimes you have to get out there and make your own luck to bring home those bunnies.

    What tips and tricks do you swear by when finding rabbits? Have you had success practicing any of those mentioned above? Let us know in the comments!

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