The Pros and Cons of Insuring Rabbit Dogs

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    In our modern world, a commonly accepted practice for protecting our valuables is insuring them. Whether it be your car, home, or even your life, we keep insurance on those things to keep from feeling the potentially catastrophic impact should something go wrong. Additionally, we insure our own health as a means to pay for necessary care and treatments, but what about the health of our dogs?

    Having a dog with health issues can get expensive quite quickly. Even a dog that is healthy today could become ill on down the road or even suffer a major injury while hunting rabbits. At that point you must fork over the cash to pay for treatment, but would having dog insurance provide a better outcome?

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    There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing to insure your rabbit dogs. Since they are an important tool when it comes to feeding your family as well as providing you with an enjoyable hobby, it makes sense to give them every healthcare advantage to keep them in the best condition possible. However, like human health insurance, dog insurance is not without its drawbacks. There is also a lot to learn in terms of which company you prefer to use and what type of policy you need, since policies that cover everything from annual visits to long-term care are available.

    The benefits of having insurance for your rabbit dogs are many. For one thing, you can choose your own vet, which is important to a lot of dog owners as they develop a rapport with their vet. Since different programs offer various options, you can also choose to get multi-dog coverage which has specific options up to and including the feeding of prescription foods or even chiropractic care. Since it is possible to customize the plan you choose, you can maximize what you get out of it in terms of what your dog truly needs. Additionally, large vet bills that might have meant euthanasia in the past could make a life-saving difference by providing the financial coverage necessary to pull your dog through.

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    Of course, all the good is not without some bad, the worst of which is probably that you will have to pay out of pocket upfront; insurance will reimburse you after necessary paperwork is submitted. There are also deductibles and annual premiums to consider, all of which can be tailored when your plan is created but still must be paid for it to be affective. Much like with humans, pre-existing health conditions are a roadblock when it comes to future care and are often not covered. You must also consider the fine print, which contains limits on the amount of monies that will be available for care. If those limits are too low, you can find yourself still needing insurance assistance when there is none left.

    With so much to consider, whether or not to insure your rabbit dogs is something to mull over at length. It may prove worthwhile or it could be a total bust; it truly comes down to a case by case basis and a personal choice. A dog in our family recently was diagnosed with diabetes and is being treated without insurance. Though insurance may have lightened that burden, we did not carry it, so now the expense is out of pocket and it the numbers are quite staggering.

    Do you have insurance for your rabbit dogs or other animals? Have you carried it in the past? What are your experiences with dog insurance? Let us know in the comments.

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