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    Hunting breeds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but certain dogs are better than others when it comes to tracking or sight. For instance, Setter dogs are one of the best when it comes to air tracking for water fowl, and sight hounds rely most on their vision to make quick kills. If you\'re not familiar with the types of dogs out there, here is a brief profile of some of some of the specialized breeds for hunting.

    Sight Hounds


    As stated before, this is a breed that relies on its vision, but not so much by scent. There is actually no evidence to prove that the sights of these dogs are more acute than other breeds, but they tend to have longer legs for maximum speed, enlarged hearts and superior lungs for efficient chasing. They also have a thin frame, and are commonly found in the racing circuit. Their personality very much depends on the breed; some are friendly, while others are more hostile to strangers. These are dogs that have been around for thousands of years, and have been specially bred for maximum speed and sight.

    Some dogs you\'ll find in this category are the Whippet, Greyhound and the Scottish Deerhound.



    Setters and Pointers are dogs that will aid you in your quest for the kill. Pointers are more suited to land and air tracking. For the Setter, it will take on a \"set\" position as birds are flushed out. These dogs are great for getting the edge over your prey, and they are breeds that will stay out of the way as you make your shot. Some common breeds for the Setter breed is the Gordon, White, Irish/Red, and the German Shorthaired under the Pointer breed.



    These dogs are best if you want your dog to retrieve the kill. They are bred to have soft mouths so they can give presentable kill to the hunters. They are one of the most easily trainable dogs, and they also make some of the best pets in the hunting category. The most obvious breed in this category is the Labrador and Golden Retrievers, along with the Chesapeake Bay, Setters and Spaniels.

    Scent Hounds


    These are dogs that are best at hunting in packs. They are bred for hunting, flushing and killing prey, and they are good at flushing small animals out of burrows. They have shorter legs, so hunters can follow on foot, a departure from the longer and more agile frame of sight hounds. There are times when hunters will have to ride on horseback to keep up with sight hounds, but scent hounds are bred for long-range ground tracking, since they have some of the most sensitive noses of any dog breed. Dogs within this category are coonhounds, beagles, German bracke and the Foxhound.



    Lurchers can serve multiple purposes, depending on the breeder. They are most likely to be mixed breeds, usually a pastoral dog of the terrier variety. It is generally bred between a sight hound and another breed like scent or retrievers. Because of their versatility, they are a good option for hunters looking for a sight and scent dog wrapped into one. It is one dog you can breed yourself, and there are several breeds you can buy from breeders.

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