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    Rabbits are ever paranoid and always on the move to avoid predators. Their peripheral vision makes them well suited to spot any sign of danger. While rabbits are good evaders, there are things you can do to spot them, or flush them out in the open. Always wear protective clothing, especially long-sleeved apparel to protect yourself against ticks and thorns.

    Rabbit Hours

    Rabbits are most active in the early morning and later evening. Look for open fields, or any place where there is a thicket that keeps them hidden. The side of the road is a good place to find them, especially open dirt roads. When scouting for rabbit by car, always drive slowly.

    Go Ask Farmer Brown

    A good place to hunt is on farmer\'s lands. Whether it is groundhogs or rabbits, farmers will pay hunters to get rid of any nuisance animal disrupting their crops. You may even be able to work out a seasonal hunting deal, and many states allow hunting on private lands for free. Also, farmers may have valuable insight into the best places where rabbits like cottontails tend to flock. If taking your rabbit dog, let the landowner know about the animal to avoid any miscommunication.


    While hunting on farms can be an asset, it can also be a disadvantage, since not every farmer would want you on their lands, and you have to deal with private lands. This is an option if you live in metropolitan areas. If you are working with a large tract of land, you do not necessarily have to leap frog, but if you choose to do so, it could increase your chances of bagging some rabbits. Instead of staying put in one location, spend time in another area of the bush, then head to another area. This increases your chances of finding more rabbits, and you won\'t have to worry about encroaching on any private property.

    Private Property

    Hunting on private property is not always a negative when it comes to hunting. Like farmers, many private landowners allow hunters to hunt on their lands to get rid of animals. And remember that landowners may also be plagued with rabbits causing damage to their gardens. You can work out a good deal with a homeowner by paying a fee, or sharing some of the rabbit kill. It is also a good chance for you to know get to know people around your community, and you could get some valuable information on good hunting lands.

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  1. Daddy Rabbit
    I been at this rabbit hunting and beagle hunting for many years. If you own a small piece of property,, a good thing for the rabbits,, is food plots. I been sowing some Little White clover,, and orchard grass on my property for years,, this will insure that the rabbits have some good food supply to carry them through the cold winter days. I also make brush piles,, for them to hide and bed under. Salt block is also good and the UGA,, Collage has did lots of studys, and found that Salt Block with sulfer in them is good for all types of wildlife.. D.R.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>