Greek Rabbit Stew

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    My Mediterranean blood compelled me to share this recipe.

    After going out on the rabbit hunt, you may have thought of all kinds of creative ways to incorporate rabbit in your stew, but there is a way to add some flavor and sweetness toyour hunt.

    Many cultures throughout history have used rabbit in their meals. It is considered a delicacy in Europe, and gypsies use rabbit in their recipes throughout the centuries.
    You may have had rabbit stew, but how about it in the Greek tradition? This brand of stew goes all the way back to the Middle Ages, so you'll not only be trying a different type of stew, but also a little taste of history.

    Stew is one of the favorite holiday treats to keep you warm during the winter months, but you can spice up your stew a little with some simple ingredients you may already have in your cupboard. This is not a dish where you have to go to an ethnic food store to make; all of the essentials can be found at your local grocery store, and it is not expensive.

    You can actually add a variety of your own personal ingredients, but here some key essentials that will make your stew Greek in flavor.

    Taste of the Mediterranean

    -5-10 allspice berries: You can add more depending on family size
    -1-2 onions depending on serving size
    -3 bay leaves
    - cup of Wine: You can use red or white wine, though you may want to use red wine for maximum sweetness. Pomegranate wine is especially sweet.
    - cup of wine vinegar (optional)
    -5 cloves of garlic
    -2 tablespoons of tomato paste
    - cup of olive oil

    To add that extra sweetness, you can also add one stick of cinnamon. For your meat, you'll need at least one whole rabbit, or more if you plan to make for more people. You can other chop up the rabbit into pieces or leave the bone on the skin. If you go the bone-in route, you'll be able to tell when the stew is fully ready when the meat slides from the bone with ease. To make basic stew, you'll need a minimum cup of chicken or rabbit stock, pepper and salt.

    Once the rabbit is prepared, pour the olive oil in the pan, and begin browning as you normally would. You can use a Dutch oven (or brazier) to further cook the rabbit. Begin to saut the onions and garlic. Once all that is ready, place the bay leaves, berries or cinnamon stick into the brazier/Dutch oven. And free feel to add any spice that will make your Greek stew more individualized to your taste. Then take your tomatoes and begin to cut in half and grate the skin away. Take your wines and pour it into the pan you used to cook your rabbit and throw in your paste, stock and tomatoes, along with anything you may desire. Cook for 4 minutes.Once all is ready and cooked, pour the pan contents into the pot.

    Let it cook for one hour, or up to another hour if necessary. You'll be salivating over all the spices and sweetness in the air as it readies perfect for the holiday season.

    Serve when ready.

    Greek Salad

    And if you really want to go for an authentic Greek meal, serve with Greek salad or bread. If you want to go for Greek salad, all you'll need are onions, capers, olives, feta cheese, ham (if you want to go extra meaty), and at least two spoons of olive oil. Or you can go more Greek American and add lettuce in the process.
    Serve with any kind of bread.

    For families, I would make multiple servings, because this dish will go by fast. This is one dish you'll lament when gone.

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