Georgia Boys Done Good

  1. christophereger
    Ever gone after those cottontails with the beagles and a vest full of shells only to come back with just one or two sad little flopears? Well we know of some Georgia boys that didn't have that problem on a recent trip into the woods searching for Mr. Rabbit.


    Larry Ramsey sent in this amazing spread of their recent harvest.

    While hunting on private land in Sandy Creek near Royston, Ga, the party of Billy Rucker, Damon Hale, Larry Ramsey, & Larry Ramsey Jr jumped 43 cottontails and managed to pick up 39. Now we said there would be no math here at the forum but that's a success rate of about 91% and we'll settle for that any day!


    The party used a great collection of shotguns including Remington 1100, Winchester 1400, and Franchi 12 gauges, with Larry Jr packing a Mossberg 410 pump. Their pack included eight Homer breed 13-inch beagles. All of those beagles were two-year-old dogs except for an 8-year old vet to show the younger pups how to do it.


    When asked for tips, Larry simply passed on that "in an area with so many rabbits is to hunt it slow and get into a good position to get a clear shot."

    Looks like a winning proposition if you ask us.


    You may have heard of rural Royston, Ga. It's up in the northeast corner of the state and home to the Ty Cobb museum. You do know Ty Cobb right? He's another Georgia boy who was known for knocking it out of the park. Seems like there is something in the water up there.

    Good shooting Larry and the boys. Give those beagles a biscuit.

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  1. kbriddell31
    Now that's day of rabbit hunting, my father and uncles had days like that when i was just a young boy. The most we harvested in a day is 23-25,while I was hunting and that was 20 plus years ago. Congrats! Always good to see the next genaration of hunters, coming coming up. God Bless! from Eastern Shore Md. Kevin.
  2. joe simmons
    Nothing like JESUS blessing a man and his friends with a great day of enjoying all he has created for us!!!! GREAT HUNT CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    D.R you need more pictures just let me know.
  4. Daddy Rabbit
    Well,, there is an old man that lives,, at 169 Daddy Rabbit Road,, in Royston, Ga. 30662. Back in the Day,, when he was gun hunting heavy,, there would have Not Been so many wild rabbits, around fot the lads to shoot.. Daddy Rabbit,, has Retired and put up his old 410,, I suppose as he nas Not even been,, on a /gun hunt this season.. Still catching these old Royston, Ga. wild rabbits here around in the city limits,, I caught three (3) today, one was a Big Swamper!! That makes my total for this season at 76 and when I catch 100,, going to take up my old Boxies.. Keep Looking Up! D.R.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>
  5. heartland rivers
    Great job to Rucker, Hale, and Ramsey Boys!